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Fluid Truck zero
emission vehicles

Fluid Truck is proud to offer electric vehicles (EVs) on our platform, now available for hourly and daily rentals on the Fluid Truck App. With access to more sustainable transportation, you can get your job done without having to pay for gas and with zero emissions.

230 miles
44 minutes
Charge Time: 15% - 80%
7,700 lbs
Towing Capacity

Important electric vehicle FAQs

Before you get behind the wheel

How do I drive an electric vehicle?

What is one pedal driving / regenerative braking?

What is regenerative braking?

During your Fluid Truck EV reservation

While I’m on the road, where can I charge the EV?

What happens if I run out of charge?

Returning your Fluid Truck EV

How do I charge an EV?

What do I need to do when I return a Fluid Truck EV?

A sneak peek of our
Ford F-150 Lightnings

Ready to feel the need for speed? Our Ford F-150s are ready for the road with some amazing features, pure power, and of course that effortless speed. Watch our deep dive into Ford's newest EV experience.

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Whether you are a frequent Fluid Truck user or a new customer, feel free to test out our EV Vehicles. Simply reserve a date and time to test drive the EV Vehicles around town. 

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Fluid Truck’s EV program

Fluid Truck is constantly looking towards the future of sustainability. That is why we are constantly dedicating ourselves to learning more about how we can make an impact with electric vehicles. Checkout our EV dedicated blog posts to learn more about Fluid Truck going green.

Before we predict what advancements 2023 will bring, let’s take a moment to catch up on some of this year’s biggest EV headlines.

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Did you hear about the EV truck that sold out in just 15 minutes, BMW’s latest plans to produce more EV batteries in the U.S., and the autonomous trucking technology that’s hitting some Texas interstates?

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Last year, President Biden ordered federal agencies to only buy zero-emission passenger cars, and EV versions of any type of vehicle by 2035. Those vehicles are also required to be made in the U.S.

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From California voting to ban the sale of gas cars, to New York making moves to do the same, to human-like robots being created for Tesla factories – there’s no shortage of things happening in the EV and tech world.

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One of the complaints surrounding EV adoption is that there isn’t enough charging infrastructure available for the amount of vehicles on the road. So, what is the state of the world now, and what does the future hold?

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