fluid truck for personal use

Fluid Truck for personal use

Renting with Fluid Truck is fast and easy! You can use the app to locate nearby vehicles, book instantly, and pick-up via the Fluid Truck App–24/7, 365 days.

Why use Fluid Truck?

You need access to rental trucks and cargo vans on-demand, on your terms. Fluid Truck’s easy-to-use app gives you access to nearby rental trucks 24/7. You don’t have time to hassle with paperwork and inconvenient business hours — let us tackle transportation so you can focus on what’s important.

Whether you need a pickup truck for your next DIY hauls or large moving truck for your next move, we’re here to help.

Fluid Truck’s rental trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks are ready to roll when you are, no matter the occasion:

use fluid truck to move your new apartment
Move in to your perfect new apartment across town
fluid truck for home projects
Use a heavy-duty pickup truck for a home DIY project
fluid truck to maximize efficiency
Tackle that PTA Fundraiser set-up all in one-trip
fluid truck to haul office upgrades from the store
Haul your home office upgrades from the store

Our vehicles

Whether the job is big or small - we have a vehicle that fits them all.
fluid truck cargo van

Cargo vans

300-500 cubic feet
fluid truck box trucks

Box trucks

400-1600 cubic feet
fluid truck pickup trucks

Pickup trucks

30-70 cubic feet

Who needs a Fluid Truck?

From HGTV fanatics to side-hustlers, the problem of too much cargo, not enough space is universal. Take these situations for example:

The Seasoned DIYer

The "Can't Say No to Friends" Mover

The Passion Project-Turned-Career

Sound familiar? If only there were a quick, easy solution that was just a few clicks away.

Oh wait — there is! Download the app to get started today.

Easiest truck rental ever

Rent a vehicle in just a few simple steps:

download the fluid truck app

Download the Fluid Truck App

Our 4+ star-rated app has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

create a fluid truck account

Create an account

When you open the Fluid Truck App, you have the option to create an account.

Don’t worry, it’s free and secure to sign up!

find a fluid truck rental

Find your rental

After signing up, you’ll be brought to a map of your current location with nearby vehicles.

Using the search bar at the top of your screen you can search, reserve, and drive off in a nearby cargo van or truck rental in minutes.

Work smarter, not harder

Never question your measuring skills in the parking lot of the hardware store ever again.

‍Fluid Truck has the truck you need when you need it.

More reasons to love Fluid Truck

Here for you when you need us, still there for you when you don’t

Trust the truck experts—that's us!