Fluid Truck for Personal Use

Renting with Fluid Truck is fast and easy! You can use the app to locate nearby vehicles, book instantly, mobile-unlock, and drive off with your rental in just minutes.

Why Use Fluid Truck?

You need access to rental trucks and vans of various sizes on-demand. Fortunately, that’s where Fluid Truck comes in. With our easy-to-use app, rental trucks are available at your fingertips 24/7, 365. We have an entire fleet of vehicles that make your projects, passions, and major life moments easier to tackle. We will let you worry about the details—let us tackle the transportation.

Fluid Truck’s rental trucks, rental vans, and box truck rentals are available around the clock, ready to go whenever and wherever you need them. The Fluid Truck app can help you:

Move in to your awesome new apartment across town
Transport the lumber and supplies for your latest home renovation project
Haul the beautiful hand-crafted products you created to sell at the next pop-up market
Transfer your office setup for your brilliant new start-up located in the heart of downtown

Our Vehicles

Whether the job is big or small - we have a vehicle that fits them all.

Cargo Vans

300-500 Cu Ft

Box Trucks

400-1600 Cu Ft

Pickup Trucks

30-70 Cu Ft

Cars & SUVs

Sizes Vary

Trailers & Misc

Sizes Vary

Who Needs a Fluid Truck?

We’ve all been there before: too much cargo, not enough space. It’s nothing new. And yet, it can still be a huge logistical challenge in already stressful times. Take these situations for example:

The Seasoned DIYer

The “Can’t Say No to Friends” Mover

The Passion Project-Turned-Career

Sound familiar?

If only there were a quick, easy solution that was just a few clicks away.

If only there was a way to rent a truck or van for exactly the amount of time it would take to complete your project. If only there was a way you didn’t have to deal with endless lines of other customers, pages and pages of paperwork, and oddly inconvenient business hours just to rent this said truck or van.

Oh wait—there is!

Finding a Truck Rental Has Never Been Easier

Here is a quick step-by-step process of how to rent your vehicle:

1.Download the Fluid Truck App

Our 4+ star-rated app has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

2.Create an Account

When you open the app, you have the option to create an account (don’t worry, it’s free and secure to sign up!)

3.Find Your Rental

After you create an account or continue as a guest, a map centered on your location will appear on your screen. Here, you can search the area for the truck rental, van rental, or box truck rental most convenient for you. You will need to upload your drivers’ license information, reserve the vehicle you need, follow simple prompts to start your reservation —and voila! You’re ready to hit the road.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Regardless of why you need to rent a Fluid Truck, we know you’ll love your experience. And, on the plus side, you won’t ever need to question your measuring skills in the parking lot of the hardware store ever again—because you’ll always know someone with a truck (or at least have access to a truck to get you back home safely)!

Now you can rest assured that your precious cargo will get to its destination in one piece without breaking the bank!

Still Not Convinced?
Here Are a Few More Things to Consider

Here for You When You Need Us, Still There for You When You Don’t

Trust the Truck Share Experts—That’s Us!

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