Decommissioning Policy

This policy takes effect on January 9, 2024


You are important to our business and we want the entire process of purchasing, owning and decommissioning your assets to be a smooth one. This policy outlines the overall decommissioning process and the vehicle qualification parameters. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us.


1. What qualifies for decommissioning?

2. Ok, when I am ready, what do I do?

Fluid Truck
ATTN: Decommissioning
400 W. 48th Ave. #300 | Denver, CO 80216

3. What if I can’t pay off my lien but I want to sell?

4. What other fees are associated with decommissioning?

5. OK, what should I expect after I have provided my request and clean title?


Decommissioning Windows: 

Registration Renewal: