fluid truck for food and grocery delivery

Fluid Truck for food & grocery delivery

Outfit your company for success in the new delivery economy by accessing an intuitive platform for affordable delivery truck rentals.

With Fluid Truck, you don’t need to own a fleet of delivery vehicles anymore to deliver service with a smile to your loyal customers.

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Truck & van rentals for
food & grocery delivery

While the broad shift to grocery and food delivery was born out of necessity, it created habits and expectations that are bound to last. With an on-demand delivery van rental platform like Fluid Truck, your store can easily ramp up delivery operations at a moment’s notice, whether you want to grow in line with demand or need to stick to a strict budget.

With Fluid Truck, you get access to:

rent delivery vehicles, manage drivers, track routes in real-time

Free admin tools

Route Tracking, Easy Invoicing, Driver Safety Scoring, and More.

customize your construction truck fleet to fit any project with fluid truck

24/7, 365 day rental access

Pick-up and return nearby delivery vehicles on your schedule.

schedule rentals and coordinate drivers in one centralized location

Flexible scheduling

Rent for a few hours, several days, or your entire busy season.

Ditch the rental counter and go mobile

Scalable delivery fleet

Rent a nearby vehicle and pick-up in minutes. Extend or cancel with ease based on demand.

Our delivery vehicles

Whether the job is big or small - we have a vehicle that fits them all.

Cargo vans

fluid truck cargo van

Box trucks

fluid truck box truck

Benefits of Fluid Truck for food & grocery delivery

Whether your business needs a full fleet without the overhead, or just a few extra vehicles during peak seasons - Fluid Truck for Business provides a flexible solution. In addition to 24/7, 365 day access to thousands of vehicles offered through the Fluid Truck Platform - Business users also enjoy these added benefits:

book multiple vehicles with fluid truck
Build a flexible fleet - book multiple vehicles & pay weekly
fluid truck admin tools
Manage driver scheduling, track routes & export invoices easily
fluid truck driver insights
Get peace of mind with safe driver scoring and incentives

Get a fresh start with commercial grocery delivery van rental

Fluid Truck is the delivery truck rental solution you need to make those customers happy and make sure they keep ordering from you week after week. Give Fluid Truck a try to find out how delivery truck rental can work for your food and grocery business.

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