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Fluid Truck Press Kit

We empower businesses to utilize a fleet of commercial vehicles without the overhead of ownership, or the frustration of working with more traditional, inefficient rental companies.

Our mission is to transform the vehicle rental experience by leveraging innovative technology to offer easy, efficient, sustainable truck sharing for businesses and individuals.

2016 Fluid Market, a community resource sharing app, launches in Denver, CO.
2019 Fluid Market shifts gears after seeing heavy demand for rental trucks. Fluid Truck is born and quickly expanded to Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.
2020 Fluid Truck launches in 9 new markets (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, New York).
2021 Fluid Truck raises $63M in Series A, partners with retailers to offer the largest medium-duty commercial rental fleet in the US, wins DBJ’s Best Place to Work, and cruises into 29 new cities.
2022 Fluid Truck grows to 400 cities coast-to-coast. Deloitte names Fluid Truck the 9th fastest-growing company in North America.
2023 Fluid Truck expands its electric vehicle fleet and pushes larger retailers like IKEA closer to their electrification goals. Fluid Truck appears on Inc Magazine's list of the fastest-growing companies for the second year in a row.