Fleet Owners Can Now Turn Idle Vehicles Into Additional Income, Reduce Burden of Ownership

DENVER -- Fluid Truck, the company making commercial vehicles available at the tap of a button, is proud to announce the national launch of Fluid Truck Renew, a new option for commercial vehicle owners to generate revenue from their existing fleet while reducing the total cost of ownership from their idle fleet or for traditional leasing and rental companies to instantly activate short term rentals for their customers.

Fluid Renew zeroes in on maximizing a vehicle’s lifespan by encouraging renewal of the vehicle for rent on the Fluid Truck platform, rather than reselling it through traditional means. Now, idle fleets can generate revenue paid out on a weekly basis. The program includes the day-to-day management of vehicle operations including telematics, vehicle reservations, and maintenance from sales-efforts to oil changes, inspections, and replacing tires.

“For small and big businesses alike there is nothing worse than watching your vehicle, an asset to your business, sitting idle in a parking lot or garage. Whether it’s a business transitioning to EVs that needs a new way to monetize their combustion engine (ICE) vehicles or a business looking to activate short term rentals, we’ve consistently seen Fluid Renew turn vehicles into profitable assets and income, and remove the financial burdens of vehicle ownership.” said Fluid Truck CEO and Founder James Eberhard.

Car-sharing plays a critical role in increasing a vehicle’s usable life as well as eliminating wasteful practices associated with owning cars. Vehicles are used when they are needed, decreasing overconsumption and solving for shifting seasonal demands. It also encourages people to retire vehicles at the best and most appropriate time, leading to newer, more efficient vehicles replacing the old ones.

“When we had commercial vehicles that came off rent early or reached the end of term, we wanted another avenue of revenue for the business versus remarketing the vans at auction, so we turned to Fluid Truck to monetize our vehicle inventory. Fluid takes care of the maintenance, and we get access to the Fluid Truck platform for shorter-term rentals. Fluid Renew gave our vehicles new life by allowing others to reuse these assets while becoming a viable source of income for us" said Mark Gleed, Remarketing Manager at Kingbee Rentals, LLC.

Benefits of Fluid Truck Renew

  • Get more flexibility out of your vehicles: If you’re unsure about selling vehicles, quickly add them to Renew for instant income opportunities and take them off at will.
  • Let Our Platform Expand Your Business: Let us manage your vehicles for short term rentals and more without needing to build your own platform.
  • Lower Costs of Ownership: Turn idle vehicles into steady income. Cargo vans or box trucks will be consistently rented out on the platform for more than monthly costs to generate profits on each reservation.
  • Environmental impact: Maximize the use of current resources and focus on growing a minimum-waste approach to vehicle use.

Fluid Truck is an app and web platform that allows convenient access to vehicles for businesses and makes it easy for anyone to rent commercial vehicles straight from their phone, without the hassle of paperwork and large corporate lots. Renters simply download the app, sign up for a personal or business account, and then rent vehicles nearby.

To learn more, please visit www.fluidtruck.com/renew.

About Fluid Truck: Fluid Truck helps businesses and individuals rent commercial vehicles at the tap of a button. Fluid Truck offers a wide array of trucks, vans, electric vehicles, and more through its mobile app and website 24/7, 365 days a year. Launched in 2016, Fluid Truck is a national company used by businesses of all sizes to flexibly and affordably build their fleet, manage employee scheduling on-the-go, and activate zero-emission last mile delivery services, free from the hassles of ownership. 

Fluid Truck is the 9th-fastest growing company in North America according to Deloitte. Fluid Truck raised $63 million in its Series A funding round, one of the largest in Colorado history. It’s backed by leading VCs including Ingka Investments, part of IKEA, and NEA. To learn more or to instantly book a vehicle, please visit www.fluidtruck.com or the Fluid Truck App on the App Store and Google Play. #TruckYeah