DENVER – Colorado Cleantech Industries Association honored  Fluid Truck as one of Colorado’s leading companies in clean technology at an award ceremony in Boulder Thursday evening.

Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, CCIA, awarded Fluid Truck its 2021 Emerging Cleantech Company title for Fluid Truck’s work to electrify fleets across the U.S.

Fluid Truck offers the ability for businesses of all sizes to electrify their fleet without the overhead cost barriers of purchasing electric vehicles (EV). By allowing businesses to rent EVs, companies can meet their sustainability objectives without large out-of-pocket costs. Fluid Truck currently operates the largest medium-duty electric rental fleet in the U.S.

“This award underscores the importance of starting the move to electrified commercial fleets. No business should be left behind because they don’t have the resources or understanding to make the migration to an electric vehicle. The time to evolve is here and we are proud to be helping businesses small and large manage EV transformation,” said James Eberhard, CEO and founder of Fluid Truck.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from CCIA. We see companies throughout Colorado continue to revolutionize sustainability and we are excited to be selected among the top pushing this momentum forward,” said Jenifer Synder, General Counsel and co-founder of Fluid Truck.

CCIA’s award is Fluid Truck’s latest recognition in the EV space. In May 2021, Fluid Truck launched a partnership with IKEA Retail U.S. to support IKEA’s EV fleets in the New York City and Los Angeles markets. This partnership with Fluid Truck will advance IKEA’s progress toward a goal of 100 percent zero-emission last-mile home deliveries by 2025.

About Fluid Truck

Fluid Truck is a technology-based truck sharing platform that offers 24/7 mobile access to a wide array of trucks, vans, and SUVs. Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S. use Fluid Truck to flexibly and affordably build their fleet, manage employee scheduling on-the-go, and safely operate with GPS tracking and roadside assistance. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and backed by Bison Capital; Ingka Investments, part of IKEA; Sumitomo Corporation of Americas; and Fluid Vehicle Investors. For more information and to get started, simply book online at and pick-up your vehicle from a convenient nearby location using the Fluid Truck App on the App Store and Google Play. #TruckYeah