Reduced carbon footprints, high-quality performance, and rising fuel costs all point to electric vehicles being the best option for the future of fleets. Now, Fluid Truck is making that more attainable than ever.

Fluid Truck introduced the first commercial EV fleet to the country, and today we’re thrilled to announce that we are facilitating the transition to electric fleets alongside Ford.

Allow us to introduce you to the newest addition to Fluid Truck’s EV fleet: the Ford E-Transit. The Ford E-Transit represents the future of fleet as current policy and technology trends are shifting in favor of electric, with plans to build a more sustainable future for transportation. It has the same great features you know and love in our cargo vans, plus the benefit of zero-carbon emissions, quieter engines, and reduced fuel costs.

From the production line to your fleet

One of Ford’s first E-Transits off the production line rolled straight into our fleet. We now have the capability to place electric vehicles into the hands of thousands of businesses across the nation on a wider scale than ever before.

With Fluid Truck, accessibility to electric vehicles has never been easier

Fluid Truck’s technology-based platform allows businesses to bypass the high overhead costs of trying to buy an EV by turning electric vehicles into shared, rentable assets among businesses. Not only are we empowering businesses to go electric, our technology also affords businesses the opportunity to rent what they need exactly when they need it, 24/7 365 days a year.

Take a closer look at our journey with the Ford E-Transit in our video below.

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