We’re tired of mornings spent waiting for a rental center to open at 9am, only to stand in line for what feels like hours to fill out tedious paperwork, aren’t you? 

At Fluid Truck, we’re changing the rental truck scene to eliminate the line. We don’t have time to waste waiting around on traditional brick and mortar rental companies to catch up to the 21st century. Instead, we built the future we want to see with our app-based truck rental experience, equipped for 24/7 on-demand cargo van rentals without the rental counter or the paperwork. 

Skeptical? We don’t blame you. Technology has changed the game a lot in recent years, and the idea of picking up a large vehicle with just your mobile phone can feel a bit daunting. We’re here to alleviate the uncertainty that might be holding you back. This article contains everything you need to know before you drive off in your first Fluid Truck rental. 

Vehicle Specifications 

Fluid Truck offers a wide variety of spacious, new, and reliable commercial vehicles to help you haul everything from a pallet of 2x4s to an entire house full of furniture. Here's a breakdown of each vehicle type we offer and what kind of project they're suited for:

Cargo Van Rental 

Fluid Truck Cargo Vans are between 300–500 cubic feet in size.

You can use a cargo van rental for small deliveries and jobs around town. 

  • Transport a new bed or washer/dryer combo to your home. 
  • Move a studio apartment with ease. 
  • Bring up to five or so pieces of furniture you score at a garage sale.
  • Deliver a last-minute catering order without the hassle. 

Cargo vans are perfect for personal needs, like moving homes or transporting large purchases from store to home, or professional needs, like booking an extra vehicle to deliver flowers on Valentine’s day.

Box Truck Rental 

Fluid Truck Box Trucks are between 400–1600 cubic feet in size.

Box trucks come in various sizes, making them a versatile choice capable of moving small to large loads. 

  • Quickly move your office across town in one trip. 
  • Transport your apartment to a new home. 
  • Deliver flowers and event equipment to a large wedding reception. 

Pickup Truck Rental 

Fluid Truck Pickup Trucks are between 30–70 cubic feet in size.

Renting a pickup truck allows  you to transport a variety of things for small deliveries and jobs. 

  • Easily transport your business’  products to local stores and markets. 
  • Deliver a custom prototype your company designed for a customer. 
  • Pick up your latest furniture finds for a DIY home restoration project.

SUV Rental 

Because the vehicles on Fluid Truck are owned by individuals, we have a variety available on the app. SUV rentals come in a variety of sizes. 

These vehicles are ideal for going on a trip to the beach, exploring the mountains, or even delivering a load of boxes, groceries, or small business orders. Use a Fluid Truck SUV for situations where your own car just won’t cut it.

Spotlight: Special Cargo Van Features

Cargo vans are Fluid Truck’s most rented vehicle. Fluid Truck Cargo vans are adaptable to a wide range of needs and come with multiple unique features. Most vans listed on our app have backup cameras for fool-proof maneuvering, and keyless entry for convenient opening when your hands are full. Ample storage space, A/C, and D-ring tie downs to secure your items are also included. 

Cargo vans are also regularly maintained and inspected for safety so you can rest easy knowing that your ride will get you where you’re going safely. 


Can you Tow a Car With a Cargo Van?

It depends. Some cargo vans have a towing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs and can be used to tow a car. You’ll want to check towing capacity with your lender before making a reservation, and confirm the vehicle comes equipped with a tow hitch.

What Does it Feel Like to Drive a Cargo Van?

Driving a cargo van is like driving a regular vehicle, with some added precautions. You have to account for its larger size, specifically the roof. You need to ensure you have clearance for your vehicle under bridges and other overhanging obstacles. The width can also be a challenge. The bigger the van, the more space you need to leave as you enter a corner or make a turn around an obstacle. 

Fortunately, cargo vans are equipped with wide side-view mirrors and a backup camera so you will be totally aware of your surroundings. Ultimately, be aware of blind spots and drive slower than you’re used to! 

How Does a Cargo Van Compare to a  Pickup Truck?

Wondering what type of vehicle you need to complete your job? To help clear the fog, here are some pros and cons of each vehicle type: 

  • Cargo vans are often more spacious than pickup trucks and are a better choice for hauling items during inclement weather. 
  • Cargo vans don’t, however, have significant hauling power and can at times be cumbersome to unload. 
  • Conversely, trucks reign supreme for off-road terrains or hauling heavier items. However, they don’t offer protection from bad weather and have limited space.

How To Rent

Renting a vehicle is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the ‍Fluid Truck App

  1. Sign in to the mobile application and search for vehicles by location or vehicle type. 

Using the home screen map, zoom in on a specific location. To see more details about a vehicle, simply tap on the vehicle pin on the map.‍ If you would like to view a list of vehicles instead, click on the list icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

  1. Narrow your search results by clicking the filter icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Search by vehicle class, availability constraints, and location to help narrow your results.‍
  1. Once you find a vehicle, you'd like to reserve, click on it to review the rates. To check availability, click “Check Availability” to see when the vehicle is available to rent.

Need more help? Visit the knowledge center for step-by-step videos on everything Fluid Truck.

Gas Mileage + Fluid Truck’s Gas Policy

We pride ourselves on price transparency. There are a few fees to be mindful of when renting a Fluid Truck vehicle. The first is a mileage charge. Mileage fees are subject to the lender’s discretion. Lenders will state if a vehicle comes with unlimited mileage or a set number of miles per day. All mileage fees will be clearly listed on the reservation page. For example, a cargo truck rental may be listed at 100 miles per day included ($0.39 per mile after). 

The second fee drivers should be aware of is the fuel charge. All vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level at pick-up to avoid incurring this fee. Fuel charges may fluctuate over time.

Where Are Vehicles Near Me? 

Although Fluid Truck is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we offer vehicles across the U.S. For an up-to-date look at the cities we serve, visit our locations page.

Once you select a location pin, you can click on the city you would like to rent in. From there, you can browse the vehicle types available in your area. 

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