Delivery is no longer an extra customer service offering — today it’s more of a requirement for businesses of all shapes and sizes. How products are shipped, where they are stored, and when they arrive to the customer are pivotal in establishing a successful business. 

At Fluid Truck, we work to bridge the gap between the transportation industry and other businesses by offering convenient access to delivery vehicles. 

We don’t always know where an industry is headed or where our economy will turn, but we do know that people will always need hospitals and medical supplies. The medical supply delivery industry is vital in maintaining the delicate fabric that is our health care system. 

Let’s take a deep dive into where the medical supply delivery industry is today.

What is the medical supply delivery industry?

The medical supply delivery industry is responsible for shipping and handling “any equipment or medication that is majorly required for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries.” Failure to deliver these supplies could result in a collapse in our health care infrastructure and significantly impact patient recovery and well-being. 

What difficulties is the industry currently facing? 

The medical supply delivery industry cannot be treated like other transportation industries. Delivery in the medical space requires acute attention to detail because the items being transported are affecting the livelihood and health of the patients. 

Strict deadlines

Due to the nature of the items, medical supply delivery professionals must adhere to strict deadlines. They have to be transparent about how long the delivery will take, the temperature of the van, and trackability. 

Possible solution: Rent a truck with tracking features embedded. This makes it easier to see where your truck is, how long it’s been on the road, and other important features. 

High demand

The growing elderly population in the U.S., coupled with the growing interest in home medical equipment, is contributing to the high demand for medical supplies. The home medical equipment market is estimated to reach $62.1 billion by 2030. 

This increased demand is weighing on our medical supply delivery chain, making it difficult to provide efficient delivery to those who need it most.

Possible solution: Meet the high demand for same-day delivery by expanding your fleet when you need to. Rent a truck easily with Fluid Truck and make your medical supply delivery seamless. Utilize our technology to monitor where your truck is, optimize routes, and assign drivers. 

Managing costs amidst shortages

Supply chain shortages make it difficult to predict and maintain costs. During the pandemic, we saw widespread panic as people rushed to find gloves, masks, and other PPE equipment. 

Shortages seem to be common at this point, with experts noting that they are 8-10 times more frequent than they were pre-pandemic. How can medical supply delivery businesses keep prices low amid shortages and high demand for supplies?

Possible solution: Looking to save cash? Avoid the overhead costs of owning delivery trucks when you rent with Fluid Truck. Partnering with Fluid Truck makes it easy to save time with our streamlined fleet management software. You also get to avoid costly repair on vehicles, and can offer transparent delivery tracking to your customers. 

Building a sustainable delivery structure

The health care sector is responsible for 8.5% of America’s carbon emissions. Health care professionals agree that supply chain vendors and delivery create most of those emissions and are looking for ways to minimize their effects. In 2021, the medical supplies delivery company Owens & Meyer announced its intention to build an electric fleet

Possible solution: Play your part in initiating greener delivery when you rent a Fluid Truck. Renting a truck maximizes use of shared resources and keeps a vehicle from rotting in your lot. We even have electric vehicles available on our platform. Electrify your fleet with ease. 

Fluid Truck: Your partner in delivery 

Whether you’re a health care professional looking to start your own delivery services or a medical supply delivery business, Fluid Truck has you covered. Borrow trucks when you need them and save money on delivery in the long run. Utilize our telematics features to offer transparent delivery to your customers and patients. Schedule drivers and monitor their driving all on our app. We have a truck for every need at any time. 

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