Fluid Truck’s business tools are essential for businesses utilizing Fluid Truck’s expansive fleet of vehicles. But you’re missing a ton of opportunities if your drivers don’t have their own accounts! Here are five reasons why driver accounts are one of the best features of Fluid Truck.

1. Save time with streamlined fleet management

In your business, every minute of time saved counts. When drivers have their own Fluid Truck account under your business, app access is much quicker. They will stay signed in, so logging in to pick up or drop off a vehicle is as simple as opening the app. 

How to add drivers to your Fluid Truck Business account:

  • In your Fluid Truck business account, select “Organization Management” and click “Invite Team Members” to start inviting individuals to your team. 
  • ‍Enter the email addresses of the team members you’d like to join and create Fluid Truck Accounts. Click “Next” to assign roles.
  • On the next page, you can designate drivers to be admins. Then, click “Invite Drivers” and your team members will receive email notifications inviting them to create their Fluid Truck accounts and complete the process.
  • Once a team member has accepted the invitation and created a Fluid Truck account, they will appear under the “Accepted” tab. 

2. Avoid excess repair costs on your vehicles

Commercial vehicles are expensive. Whether you own or lease your business fleet, utilizing vehicles as a business asset can come with major overhead costs. 

At Fluid Truck we have developed tracking to monitor the usage of your vehicles before, during and after each trip. With our in-app inspection process during pick-up, your drivers will be required to take pictures on the exterior and interior of the vehicle, allowing you to see the condition of the vehicle before the trip. Upon completion, your drivers will complete the drop-off process taking pictures of the same areas - allowing you to compare and contrast the photos before and after the route. Filing the pictures allows you to pinpoint exactly when damage may have taken place, on which trip, and who should be held responsible for any damage. 

Should you ever have to file a claim with your insurance company down the road, you’ll have all of the documentation you need to pinpoint any issues.

In addition, after the trip has been completed, you can go back into your account and view a detailed map of your driver's route, how many hard turns, over acceleration and unnecessary hard braking - allowing you to address any bad driving habits that may be causing unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles. 

3. Easily coordinate driver assignments

Fluid Truck makes it simple to match drivers with your vehicle reservations, and even schedule multiple drivers to one vehicle on different shifts. All you need to do is set up a business account, and invite drivers to join your team. You’ll manage reservations, insurance, payments, and access - so all they need to do is upload their drivers license and follow the instructions to pick up their assigned vehicle during the times you grant them access. This way, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet operations from anywhere. 

To learn more, watch this quick video to see just how easy it is to add a driver account to your business.

4. Track your fleet and drivers instantly

Have multiple vehicles on the road at the same time? It can be a logistical nightmare to keep everything straight - but Fluid Truck has your back! When each of your drivers has a driver account associated with your Fluid Truck Business account, you’ll be able to monitor vehicle check-outs by driver, live route progress, and driving habits from your computer or mobile device. Not to mention, you have the ability to remotely manage vehicle access, review vehicle conditions at pick up and drop off, and demobilize your vehicle in the event of unauthorized use.

5. Get cash rewards for safe driving habits

Want to get your drivers excited about safe driving practices? We do too, which is why we offer cash rewards to safe drivers using our rental service. 

When drivers sign up for Fluid Truck’s Safe Driver Cup, their driving stats are automatically tracked and ranked against every other driver on the app. This means your drivers are encouraged to take it easy on the brakes and around corners, and to not accelerate too quickly. Plus, in addition to your employees staying safe, your cargo is more likely to make it to its final destination on-time and undamaged by avoiding accidents and major shifting from aggressive driving habits. At the end of the day, your team will appreciate your commitment to their safety and well-being through rewarding behavior rather than reprimanding reckless driving. And we can’t leave out the perk that better driving habits can help bring down your fuel costs and insurance rates over time, giving you peace of mind each time your drivers take out a Fluid Truck. Click here to learn how to sign up for the Safe Driver Cup!

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 customer service team!

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