Rarely does 24/7 convenience actually mean just that – complete access to a service every hour of every day, all year long. In the landscape of vehicle renting, traditional rental companies come to the table with generic promises of providing the ability to rent vehicles when they need one, only for customers to be met with the usual scheduling restrictions and frustrations.

Fluid Truck delivers on the promise of what 24/7 vehicle access truly means

Our customers are not confined by the standard 9–5 business hours and can avoid the mayhem of trying to rent from a corporate location alongside everyone else waiting for their number to be called. Fluid Truck’s technological solution provides businesses and individuals the relief from the headaches of normal vehicle sharing inconveniences. No more lines at counters. No locked hours. No confined lots. Just more freedom and a vehicle that works for you.

Whether you’re a small business scaling up or you’re just tired of traditional rental companies, Fluid Truck continues to advance its technology and approach to make sure our fleet is always serving you 24/7–365. And we mean that.

How does Fluid Connect Telematics work?

Fluid Connect Telematics is our proprietary technology that allows individuals and businesses 24/7 mobile access to the vehicles in our fleet. Our team of hardware & software engineers developed a state-of-the-art way  to integrate our standard vehicles with our mobile application.

Through this connected, easy-to-use system, renters are able to remotely lock and unlock the vehicles using their mobile devices, as well as immobilize a vehicle should it be stolen or suddenly disappear out-of-range. With Fluid Connect Telematics, the accessibility and safety of our vehicles are as intuitive and as powerful as the device in the palm of your hand.

How Fluid Truck champions businesses

Fluid Connect Telematics unlocks more capabilities than ever before for businesses to feel empowered with whatever they do and whenever they do it.

Fluid Truck serves businesses of all shapes and sizes that operate 24/7 or at odd hours of the day. Reacting to situations quickly and effectively and staying adaptable to the unpredictability of circumstances beyond our control are both important factors in running any business. At Fluid Truck, we aim to minimize the unexpected variables that tend to come along with vehicular logistics, so you can focus on the big picture things. 24/7 Vehicle Access gives you the power of flexibility and reliability.

Looking for a short-term or long-term rental? Need to rent a vehicle today, or reserve one for the future? We offer the ability to rent for one hour to 12 months: whatever works for your businesses’ schedule or needs.

Work at night? Suddenly need a vehicle outside of the typical 9–5 window? You’ll have around-the-clock access to a new or additional vehicle with the features and capabilities of our app-based rental software.

24/7 Vehicle access important features

Remote Access

Businesses and individual renters have complete remote, keyless access to their vehicles through a simple click on their phone. Free from the hassle of waiting in line to exchange a physical key that is easy to lose, you can lock and unlock vehicles from our fleet through the mobile app and never again worry about accidentally locking yourself out or mixing up your vehicle keys.

Demobilization of Vehicles

The Fluid Connect Telematics technology is also crucial in improving our anti-theft capabilities. In the unexpected event that you notice a vehicle has not returned or is taken off-hours, your phone is able to monitor and track the vehicle’s whereabouts and immobilize the engine when necessary.

Immediately Scale

Your business relies on our business to provide a reliable and stress-free experience for all involved. Should a vehicle for any reason be put out of commission during your rental experience (which happens to everyone from time to time) the 24/7 ability to rent a new vehicle on the spot will get you back on the road and operating again with little to no time or money lost. Need to scale quickly? It’s quick, easy, and secure to add additional vehicles on our mobile app or online.


Fluid Truck continues to seek hardware and software solutions that streamline the vehicle renting process for our customers. Being able to offer true 24/7 access to our services in a way that works for your schedule, while also incorporating another layer of security and peace of mind, is a win-win in our minds.

And we can prove our commitment to accessibility and ease. Go ahead—wherever and whenever you are reading this, see what vehicles are available to you right now by downloading our mobile app or renting from our website.

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