Over the holidays, a flurry of reports hit major media outlets regarding unprecedented last-mile delivery challenges causing delays nationwide. Thankfully this was a challenge that logistics services and e-commerce retailers have been preparing for months, which lessened the severity of delays and kept the supply chain moving. However, with the package market nearly 4 years ahead of schedule at hitting the 100 million packages per day mark, many are left wondering how last-mile will fare in the new year. 

The first industries up at-bat for new year e-commerce challenges fall into the health and wellness market catering to consumer new years resolution spending. Both the hybrid fitness tech and health-conscious meal-kit industries are expected to see revenue growth in the billions within the next few years and seem to be primed to realize some of this projected growth in Q1 of 2022 despite concerns of declined consumer spending in the new year. 

Despite promising signs of pent-up demand, many e-commerce retailers are still worried over delivery delays causing slower growth in January. A valid concern given recent holiday logistics challenges that have left 47% of consumers saying that they will not order again from a brand with poor delivery visibility. 

Thankfully, fleet logistics technology has been keeping pace with last-mile growth to aid in a better home delivery experience for all. Using tools like Fluid Truck’s 24/7 app-based rental model to provide asset-light scalability at a moment's notice, alongside free, centralized fleet management tools businesses of all sizes are now able to offer home delivery with ease and efficiency. 

Accommodate Demand Flux with 24/7 Rentals

Whether you need a rental a week from now or right-this-very-second, Fluid Truck offers around-the-clock rentals to keep up with demand no matter the hour. This is made possible through our proprietary telematics technology and app-based rental software that allows for keyless access to rentals near you whenever you need it. 

No more wasting time at rental counters or fumbling with lockboxes in the freezing cold when you need an extra delivery van. Instead, when you need an extra van you can simply download the fluid truck app, reserve a vehicle near you, and unlock the vehicle using the app in minutes. 

Not only do you save hours on the rental experience, you'll also never have to worry about lock-outs causing unnecessary delays on routes. With remote lock control, both the driver and the fleet administrator can unlock vehicles using either the Fluid Truck app or website, getting you back out on the road in seconds instead of hours. 

Maximize Visibility & Avoid Unnecessary Costs with Virtual Fleet Management 

In today’s technological age, you can use your phone to tackle everything from doctor's appointments to car buying from anywhere at any time, so why wouldn’t that extend to how you manage your delivery fleet? Yet many companies still rely on outdated methods of fleet management that critically impact their delivery logistics fearing added costs or uncertainty of advancing technologies capabilities. This is why Fluid Truck created free, easy-to-use fleet administration tools in one central location for all of your rental fleet management needs. 

For example: Just hired a seasonal driver to support an influx of meal delivery orders? 

In addition to providing a fast, flexible rental Fluid Truck allows you to invite drivers to join your business fleet account for easier oversight. With this feature, Fluid Truck will complete a driver background check for free, allow you to schedule and assign your driver(s) to your active and upcoming rentals to allow for remote access, and give you complete visibility with real-time tracking of your driver's delivery route to monitor progress. 

That’s not all. Fluid Truck’s remote pick-up and drop-off experience include a quick and easy vehicle inspection process, prompting assigned drivers to snap photos of the interior and exterior of your rental vehicle to help track vehicle condition and protect your business from unnecessary damage and fuel costs. 

Increase Efficiency & Eliminate Package Damage & Loss with Safe Driving

There’s nothing that ruins a fleet manager's day more than getting a call that their drivers have been in an accident. Even in cases where no one is hurt, the repair costs, insurance rate hike, delivery delays, and loss of goods can be extremely detrimental to a business of any size. 

One of the most critical aspects of last-mile delivery is ensuring that packages are delivered on time and undamaged. The best way to reduce accidents is to promote safe driving habits with your drivers, and Fluid Truck is here to help. 

Using our safe driver incentivization program, drivers and fleet admins can track driver scoring of behaviors like hard-cornering and rapid-acceleration/deceleration to identify areas for improvement to driving habits. Drivers are then further incentivized to improve their driving habits through weekly cash prizes that are awarded to the best drivers on the Fluid Truck platform. 

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