Monetize your fleet. Make more cash.

If you have a vehicle that is coming to the end of its lease term or sitting idle, more often than not, your business will look to sell or auction the item. But what if you could extend the useful life of the vehicle by generating revenue from the idle asset and reduce the total cost of ownership?

Fluid Truck Renew does just that, helping your company extend its cash flow by placing the end-of-term vehicle on the Fluid Truck Platform. Onboarding your vehicles to the platform is simple and Fluid Truck facilitates all of the management and maintenance from sales-efforts to oil changes, inspections, and replacing tires. All of this while receiving weekly cash payouts for your vehicle.

Extend the lifetime value of your vehicle asset

Get more out of your vehicles than just four-to-five years by lowering the total cost of ownership when earning additional funds on the Fluid Truck Platform.

Turn idle vehicles into additional income

Remove the financial burden of owning unused vehicles during slow months. When you place your vehicle on the Fluid Truck platform, your cargo van or box truck will be rented out on a regular basis, allowing you to earn an incremental profit on each reservation.

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