Monetize your fleet.
Make more cash.

Fluid Truck Renew

Don't just sell or auction your end-of-lease or idle vehicles, maximize your fleet's earnings with Fluid Truck Renew. Fluid Truck Renew offers a smarter way to boost your business's cash flow by turning those vehicles into revenue-generating assets. 

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Maximum earnings

Enjoy the benefit of cash payouts for your vehicles, all while reducing total ownership costs. Extend the life and profitability of your fleet with Fluid Truck Renew.

Effortless management

Keep your vehicle active without the administrative hassle. Fluid Truck Renew handles all the complexities of renting out your vehicle, from managing rental agreements to coordinating maintenance schedules. While maintenance costs remain your responsibility, our efficient administration ensures minimal downtime and maximizes rental potential. Stay focused on your business while we make sure your vehicle continues to generate revenue, even during off-peak periods.

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