Everyone wins with safer driving

Poor driving habits can cause accidents and damage, as well as increase maintenance and insurance costs. With the Fluid Safe Driver Program, our goal is to prevent unnecessary damages from occurring and promote safer driving habits, ensuring businesses stay on the road.

How it works

Utilizing our Fluid Connect Telematics, businesses are able to monitor their fleet and drivers in one all-encompassing platform. This program allows your business to measure the driving habits of your driver's - hard braking, over acceleration, tight cornering, and more. After each trip your drivers will be provided a Safe Driver Score on a scale of 0-100, 100 being a perfect score!

Are you a business owner?

Extend the lifespan of your fleet by ensuring the safety of your vehicles, drivers, and brand with the Safe Driver Program.

How the Safe Driver Cup can help your business:

rent delivery vehicles, manage drivers, track routes in real-time
Track driving habits and see your team's safe driving scores.
fluid truck uses in-app lock controls
Review how many times your drivers take a hard corner, over accelerate, and hard brake.
schedule rentals and coordinate drivers in one centralized location
Pinpoint areas where you can save on insurance and maintenance costs.

Are you a driver?

Want to earn some extra cash for your safe driving habits? Sign up for Fluid Truck’s Safe Driver Cup to win up to $300 dollars a week, when you rank among Fluid Truck’s top ten safest drivers! 

The Fluid Truck offer

Every week, Fluid Truck is handing out cash prizes to the safest drivers nationwide. Drivers who rank within our top ten will receive a cash payout every Wednesday!

What does it take to be a Fluid Truck Safe Driver?

Here are a few pro tips to help you rake in the cash:

  1. Don’t slam the brakes- your cargo will thank you
  2. Take corners with care– fast cornering causes accidents
  3. There’s no need to floor it– rapid acceleration burn fuel and creates excessive wear
Check out our current rankings in each market!

Once you gain a streak of good habits, you’ll start to notice your overall ranking will improve week-over-week when you drive your business vehicle with care!

Ready to Sign Up?

It is super easy to sign up.

  1. Login to your Fluid Truck App
  2. Click on the Safe Driver Cup within your Account Menu
  3. Select “Sign Me Up!” within the Safe Driver Cup Pop Up Window
  4. Make sure to read the instructions* and click, “Truck Yeah!
Read our tutorial

Disclaimer - In order to qualify, your driver will need a Fluid Truck account for their specific organization, and drive at least 50 miles and five (5) hours during the week.