fluid truck rentals to help florists grow their business

BloomNet® powered by Fluid Truck

Don't let a lack of delivery trucks hold you back during peak seasons. Fluid Truck offers a scalable rental fleet to meet your fluctuating seasonal demand. Whether you need to expand your entire delivery fleet or just take on bigger projects, our flexible rental options have got you covered.

Once you sign up with the BloomNet Identifier, you will unlock a special pricing structure. Our team will work with you to ensure the correct promotional rates are applied.

Get your business blooming with Fluid Truck

With remote access to vehicles 24/7, 365 days a year, you can always count on Fluid Truck to have the vehicle you need when you need it.

Get vehicles parked on-site at your business to be able to reserve and drive off with a rental in minutes, allowing you the flexibility to scale up or down based on demand with ease.

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Case Study: Fluid Truck helps a blooming
flower industry ahead of its busiest season

Fluid Truck Case Study

Meet Heather Mathiau. She’s a florist of more than three decades and the proud owner of Wild Flowers of Tolland in Tolland, Connecticut. She estimates business triples during the Valentine’s Day holiday. Valentine’s Day generates 40% of holiday revenues in the U.S., leaving no room for error and the need for a reliable system to get the orders filled and out the door on time. Mathiau finds drivers through Facebook and fills the positions quickly. When it comes to vehicles for them to drive? She usually rents a few extra vans through the Fluid Truck App to get the job done. Read more here.

Why use Fluid Truck?

book multiple vehicles on fluid truck

Book multiple vehicles

Whether you need a couple extra vehicles during busy seasons, or you need a fleet year round but don’t want the overhead, Fluid Truck for business has you covered. Get access to as many vehicles as you need, when you need them.

Collaborate with your team

Have a team of drivers? Coordinate their route schedules, assign specific vehicles, and remotely manage their trips using our easy scheduling tool. Plus, you get real-time access to vehicle location and safe driver scoring.

fluid truck for collaborating with your team team
increase operation efficiency with fluid truck

Increase operational efficiency

Once you complete the initial set up process, you’ll be able to rent and pick up the vehicles you need in minutes. Additionally, business accounts have the option to have vehicles delivered or parked at a nearby location upon request, eliminating time wasted arranging vehicle pick-up