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for Amazon DSPs

Not having reliable delivery truck shouldn't be a bottleneck to your earning potential.

Fluid Truck provides a flexible and affordable delivery van rental service built for your business needs.

Search for delivery vans available for pickup in minutes.

Amazon DSP rental options

Fluid Truck for Amazon DSP

Amazon branded vans

Amazon DSPs receive exclusive access to Amazon branded cargo vans at specialty rates.
Fluid Truck Cargo Van

Fluid Truck delivery vans

From pickup trucks to 26' box trucks Fluid Truck has as a vehicle for any job, any time.

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1) Sign up

To rent a vehicle with Fluid Truck, you'll first need to download the app and create a business account.

2) Invite your team

Invite your team to join your organization as drivers and admins. This will allow you to...

🧍🚚 assign drivers to vehicles
📱 remotely monitor your fleet
🔐 control locks via the app
🧾 manage insurance & billing
💲 access specialized rates

... and much more!

Invite the team
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increase operation efficiency with fluid truck

3) Assign & Drive

Once drivers have...

✔️ accepted the invite
✔️ downloaded the app
set up their driver account

you'll be able to manage your reservations and grant drivers digital key access to vehicles via the Fluid Truck App.

Need help? No problem.

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