At Fluid Truck, we are constantly re-imagining what transportation looks like and finding ways to boost efficiency. We started with launching the first commercial EV fleet in the United States, but we haven’t stopped there. Recently, we thought about what’s missing from the market and realized a revolutionary idea for our latest launch.

Step aside Tesla, there’s a new disruptor in town!

May we have a drum roll for our newest launch…

The Fluid Fusion Truck, a micro nuclear-powered delivery van.

What is a micro nuclear-powered delivery van?

Gasoline, electric, and hydrogen-powered vehicles are so last year. We took inspiration from the sun itself and are bringing atomic fusion power to transportation.

These zero-emission vans provide you with limitless opportunities and an infinite delivery range. Say goodbye to long wait times for your vehicle to charge, awkward road trips planned around charging stations, and range anxiety. These new vehicles bring you everlasting power for road trips around the block or to the sun itself.

Ever feel like you spend way too much time at the charging station? Constantly find yourself worried about finding charging stations on road trips? Hoping to expand your delivery routes outside your current radius? Have no idea what to do with the massive amounts of plutonium you have lying around? Look no further than Fluid Truck’s zero-emission micro nuclear-powered delivery van.

We’ve even got your #OOTD covered, too.

We have equipped each van with a radiation suit for the driver. We promise you’ll be riding in style, forever.

For a closer look at our new van and how it operates, check out our video.

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