Earlier today we were alerted about a widespread breach that occurred in a third-party service used by Fluid Truck. Although we have found no evidence suggesting that our data was compromised, we are sending this notice out of an abundance of caution to keep you apprised of the situation as it develops. As this is an ongoing issue with various providers, we are monitoring the situation closely and taking steps to ensure that your data and our customers are safe.

What have we done so far:

* Blocked access of the affected services to our systems and revoked all keys

* Rotated all credentials and keys that could have been impacted by the scope of the breach

* Pulled audit logs for all potentially impacted services for deeper analysis

What you should do:

While there is no evidence to suggest that your data hosted on our platform may have been compromised to date, our security team recommends changing your password, especially if you use the same password for any other services. The scope of the breach potentially impacts many other sites and services and while your data at Fluid may not have been leaked, if you use the same username and password for another service, it may have been leaked by those services.

How to get Updates:

Fluid will be publishing updates to this blog as the situation continues to develop.

If you have specific questions, you can send an email to security-help@fluidtruck.com and someone from our security team will reach out to address those questions.

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