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Honda unveils affordable electric N-Van 

Image via Honda

Teasing the new N-Van since 2022, Honda's latest vehicle is exciting news for EV enthusiasts looking for a budget option. The Japanese automaker announced it will be launching this new addition to its EV lineup in October 2024, starting at just $15,500.

Designed primarily for commercial use, the N-Van e is an ideal option for deliveries. It offers more interior space than its gas-powered counterpart, with a lower floor and longer body. 

While compact, it boasts quick charging capabilities - fully charging in 4.5 hours at 6 kW or in just 30 minutes with fast charging. The van offers a respectable 152-mile range (WLTC), making it suitable for various urban delivery needs.

NASCAR races into the future with the first electric cup series car 

Via AP Photo / Nell Redmond

NASCAR is exploring sustainable alternatives to its fuel-intensive racing format, which typically burns 60-90 gallons per event. In a significant shift from its trademark engine roar, NASCAR has unveiled a new electric race car that hums instead of thunders.

Developed in partnership with Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and ABB, this all-electric prototype marks a new direction for the sport. The EV offers a unique racing experience, featuring quieter operation, rapid acceleration, and superior braking capabilities compared to traditional race cars.

This innovative approach not only addresses environmental concerns, but also presents an opportunity to revolutionize NASCAR. 

Ferrari revs up plans to enter the EV race 

Via Derek Photography

Luxury meets EV with Ferrari's brand-new electric vehicle. Ferrari, the Italian automaker renowned for its show-stopping vehicles and roaring engines, is set to enter the electric vehicle market. 

The company has announced that its upcoming EV will feature a unique and "authentic noise," (no one can be sure what that means) staying true to the brand's reputation for delivering exceptional driving experiences.

In response to growing market demand, Ferrari has accelerated its EV launch plans. Originally scheduled for later this decade, the company has now pushed up the release date of its first all-electric model.

While official pricing has not been confirmed, industry insiders suggest the vehicle could carry a hefty price tag of around $500,000, positioning it firmly in the ultra-luxury EV segment. This move marks a significant shift for the iconic sports car manufacturer, blending its tradition of high-performance vehicles with cutting-edge electric technology.

EU raises tariffs on Chinese EVs, citing unfair competition 


The European Union has recently made a significant decision regarding electric vehicle imports from China. Brussels has announced plans to implement steep tariffs ranging from 17.4% to 37.6% on Chinese EVs entering the EU market, effective immediately. 

This decision stems from concerns about the potential economic impact of Chinese EV imports on European automakers. The EU fears that without these tariffs, its domestic auto industry could face economic injury, reduced job security, and lower profits for EU-based automakers.

The new tariffs could have a substantial impact on Chinese EV manufacturers, as the European Union is currently one of their primary export markets. This decision may have far-reaching consequences, potentially affecting EU-China trade relations and the global EV market landscape. It could also indirectly impact other major players, including the United States.

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