At Fluid Truck, we don’t just talk about rental trucks all day. We’re a fun and diverse bunch with lots of hobbies. In fact, we have a whole Slack channel dedicated to music -- the #NowPlaying channel -- where Fluid Truckers talk about the tunes powering them through long days of coding, product development and QA.

Want to share in the inspiration from the tracks that we have on repeat? Follow along as we release our latest series of #NowPlaying playlists each month. 

#NowPlaying September (feat. Fluid Truck’s Product Design Team) 

Our first playlist is curated by our Head of UX, Jason R. He’s put together a playlist of his favorite songs of the year so far. 

“This playlist, in my humble opinion, represents some of the best songs to come out in 2021 (through August). It reveals my love for ‘80s vibes (shout out to high school class of 1990!), as well as a modest appreciation for shoegaze, atmospheric electronic beats, a throwback to the glory days of hip-hop, feel-good summer jams, tones of the blues, a dash of indie, even a hint of Motown and vintage country. And of course, it wraps up like any proper playlist should, with an emotional and powerful slow song.

I stay up nights and weekends looking for the latest music from the most creative and talented artists. Music is my labor of love.”

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our first #NowPlaying playlist! Stay tuned to hear what we’re listening to next month.

Are you a music nerd? Want to work for a company with other groovy folks? You’re in luck -- we’re hiring! Click here to see our open positions.

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