We know you’ve all been waiting for Fluid Truck’s best songs of 2021... Here’s a playlist of the best songs of the year from the #NowPlaying Slack channel! We’ve got hip hop, dad rock, trance, indie rock, and more - something for everyone. Celebrate a fabulous 2021 with the best end-of-year playlist!

At Fluid Truck, we don’t just talk about rental trucks all day. We’re a fun and diverse bunch with lots of hobbies. In fact, we have a whole Slack channel dedicated to music -- the #NowPlaying channel -- where Fluid Truckers talk about the tunes powering them through long days of coding, product development and QA. The #NowPlaying blog and our Spotify channel is where you can listen to what we’re listening to!

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Are you a music nerd? Want to work for a company with other groovy folks? You’re in luck -- we’re hiring! Click here to see our open positions.

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