Memorializing the iPod

When it was announced that Apple was discontinuing the iPod, we all had feelings: nostalgia, grief, “gosh, I’m old!!” The little mp3 player meant a lot to music people. And now, when a song we remember importing into iTunes comes on, we think of the black-and-white interface of the first gen iPod mini, or of downloading “black_eyed_peas_-_ my_humps_(NEWSONG).mp3,” along with a virus or two, onto the family computer.

For this month’s #NowPlaying playlist, we gathered songs of the iPod generation. So, sit back and start from the beginning of the playlist to be transported to the time where “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend was always the first song that played (uninvited, and usually at an inappropriate volume) when you plugged your iPod into the car.

At Fluid Truck, we don’t just talk about transforming mobility all day. We’re a fun and diverse bunch with lots of hobbies. In fact, we have a whole Slack channel dedicated to music — the #NowPlaying channel — where Fluid Truckers talk about the tunes powering them through long days of coding, product development, and QA. The #NowPlaying blog and our Spotify channel is where you can listen to what we’re listening to!

Want to hear the rest of our playlists? Click here to check them out!

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