The end of the year means going home for the holidays, and everybody loves the main-character moment of listening to music while you’re looking out the plane window. So for this month’s playlist, I asked the #NowPlaying Slack channel what music gets them through long road trips or flights. Here’s a combined playlist of some of the top tunes. We hope you enjoy this whether you’re staying home Thanksgiving or trekking across the country to celebrate with friends and family!

At Fluid Truck, we don’t just talk about rental trucks all day. We’re a fun and diverse bunch with lots of hobbies. In fact, we have a whole Slack channel dedicated to music -- the #NowPlaying channel -- where Fluid Truckers talk about the tunes powering them through long days of coding, product development and QA. The #NowPlaying blog is where you can listen to what we’re listening to!

Are you a music nerd? Want to work for a company with other groovy folks? You’re in luck -- we’re hiring! Click here to see our open positions.

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