At Fluid Truck, we don’t just talk about rental trucks all day. We’re a fun and diverse bunch with lots of hobbies. In fact, we have a whole Slack channel dedicated to music -- the #NowPlaying channel -- where Fluid Truckers talk about the tunes powering them through long days of coding, product development and QA.

#NowPlaying in October - Feat. the Engineering & Product Teams

For this month’s playlist, I asked the #NowPlaying Slack channel what music they like to listen to when they need to get their heads down and work. Here’s a combined playlist of some of the top tunes. To get deeper into each contributor’s style of productive jams, read on!

Jason - Product Designer 

“I'm high-strung and operate at 11, so I prefer fast-paced stuff or music that I can "dance" to while working.”

Francisco - Product

“For work I listen to mostly classical/electronic music (just can’t do lyrics or I’ll start singing along). My Baroque playlist has been my go-to lately.”

Chris - Cybersecurity

“I listen to EDM when I work -- lately I've just been rotating my release radar based off of who I follow, which has been stellar.”

Stephen - Head of Product

“This album for deep work.”

Julian - Data Analyst

“This is not my own playlist, but it's one I usually listen to to concentrate energetically. Since the lyrics are in Japanese I don't get distracted by them, they're just part of the melody”

Angus - Accountant

“Not an engineer, but lofi helps me focus up and stay loose when I need to get my head down.”

Are you a music nerd? Want to work for a company with other groovy folks? You’re in luck -- we’re hiring! Click here to see our open positions.

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