When it’s time to move, Fluid Truck has your back.

Whether your move is the start of a new, exciting chapter, or a last-minute, necessary change of locations, Fluid Truck’s fleet of vehicles is the most reliable and efficient mode of transportation to get you and your belongings where they need to be.

Moving Made Easy

We’ve all been there — dreading the logistics that come with moving bulky furniture, heavy boxes, and expensive equipment. Typical moves require lots of planning, long lines for a vehicle rental, and immense pressure to get it all done on a crunched deadline or risk paying exorbitant fees.

With other vehicle rental options, you’re at the mercy of what is available, whether or not it actually fits your needs or driving experience. Fluid Truck, however, addresses these particular pain-points and many others by providing a solution that is far more convenient, flexible, and affordable.

  • Fluid Truck vehicles are parked conveniently all around town in most major cities across the U.S., with our reach continually expanding. Thanks to the robust capabilities of our Fluid Truck App, it is incredibly easy to search for, reserve, and pick-up vehicles from our fleet in your location — no lines, no people, no hassle.
  • Has this office move been planned for months? Or has an unexpected situation with a landlord forced you to find a new residence as soon as next week? Regardless of your situation, it is incredibly easy to book a vehicle last minute or well in advance with Fluid Truck.
  • We offer a variety of vehicle types to best support your moving needs. The vehicles in our fleet — especially our most-popular and spacious cargo vans — are adaptable to a wide-range of accessibility requirements and are equipped with multiple unique features to make the task as streamlined and efficient as possible. Our cargo vans can easily fit a studio or small apartment’s worth of furniture, while our larger box trucks can help move a multi-bedroom house or large office. After all, the fewer trips the better!
  • With backup cameras, ample storage space, A/C, and D-ring tie downs to secure your items, we ensure your valuable belongings are always transported safely to their destination. Our vehicle doors even open 270° so it's easy to fit into difficult parking spots and load furniture, boxes, and equipment into the van or truck from the back.
  • Don’t worry if your move gets off-schedule. Our instant extension feature allows you to tack on a little more time to your Fluid Truck reservation!

Your Partner in Moving

Through our fleet offerings, we aim to empower individuals and businesses to get the job done on their own terms. Your vehicle should be one of the most reliable team members of the entire moving experience, and that has not often been the case — until Fluid Truck. 

We aim to take as much of the stress out of the process as possible by providing an accessible, adaptable, and efficient solution that addresses your unique situation. With the ease of our mobile app, you have the flexibility to rent for one hour or multiple days: whatever works for your around-the-clock schedule or last-minute moving endeavors. One hundred miles are automatically included in the price to make your journey feel that much closer to being complete.
The next time you or your business are looking to move residences or upgrade to a brand new office, look to Fluid Truck to help make the move as easy and stress-free as possible. To find Fluid Truck vehicle rental options near you, please visit  www.fluidtruck.com or download our Fluid Truck App right to your phone.

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