We love our everyday vehicles— the 4-wheels that allow us to navigate the mobile demands of our day-to-day lives. Shepherding yourself or others across cities and states is one thing; but when it comes to bringing along the oversized sofa you scored from Facebook marketplace, or the dozens of stand-up desks during the big office move, your regular vehicle may not always suffice.

Whether you’re a business owner delivering your handcrafted furniture to customers, or you just grabbed an impressive antique from the flea market for your new apartment, Fluid Truck is the simplest and most reliable resource to move all sorts of furniture, any day of the week.

Acquiring or moving large pieces of furniture is often a necessary task that we find ourselves undertaking, especially in times of transition or expansion. Regardless if things have been meticulously planned for, or it’s a spur-of-the-moment find, furniture-moving can be at least a half-day hassle with lots of coordination and the need for extra hands and space.

Convenient & capable moving solution

We will always need furniture to fill-up our homes, workspaces, and to render our environments comfortable and livable. The spectrum of limited moving options to make this happen can range from hiring a third-party moving team and their oversized semi-truck, to attempting to cram—without damaging—your latest furnishing find into the backseat of your two-door sedan. Fluid Truck, however, addresses this particular pain-point by providing a solution that is far more convenient, flexible, and affordable for your furniture needs.

Conveniently located around town, Fluid Trucks are ready for you to pick up or drop off furniture at a moment’s notice, whether it be a single large piece or your entire studio apartment. The vehicles in our fleet—especially our most-popular and spacious cargo vans—are adaptable to a wide-range of furniture-moving needs and are equipped with multiple unique features to make the task as streamlined and efficient as possible.

With backup cameras for fool-proof maneuvering, ample storage space, A/C, and D-ring tie downs to secure your items, we want to make sure your cherished or valuable furniture pieces are always transported safely to their destination. Through our fleet offerings, we aim to empower individuals and businesses to get the job done on their own terms.

Ease of the Fluid Truck App

Gone are the days of needing to beg and coordinate with your friend to borrow their pick-up truck, or overspending on other clunky vehicle rentals as a new business owner when it’s time to expand to larger delivery orders. The Fluid Truck App makes it incredibly easy to search for, reserve, and pick-up vehicles from our fleet in your location—no lines, no people, no hassle.

  • Need a one-time transport of a new bed or washer/dryer combo to your home across town? Looking to deliver large furniture orders to multiple customers over several weeks? With the Fluid Truck app, you have the flexibility as an individual or a business owner to rent for one hour to 12 months: whatever works for your around-the-clock schedule or last-minute transport needs.
  • Our app-based rental software also allows for complete remote, keyless access to our vehicles through a simple click on your phone. Free from waiting in line to exchange a physical key that is easy to lose, you can wirelessly lock and unlock our vehicles on the app so you can just focus on getting your furniture where it needs to be.
  • Delivery or transport complete? Return your Fluid Truck to its designated location and the app will direct you through a quick and easy photo-inspection process so you can be well on your way.

Case Study: Northrop’s Furniture Shop

In Austin, Texas, booming interest in mid-century modern design inspired two entrepreneurs, Kendra Loposer and MJ Northrop, to start a small business dedicated to restoring and refinishing antique furniture. Northrop’s Furniture Shop was born to cater to this rising demand for vintage nostalgia, but the duo quickly ran into the typical barriers that accompany a service dependent on moving and delivering lots of large—and oftentimes priceless—furnishings to their clients.

Initially, Northrop’s had hired out third-party movers to handle their pickups, a critical part of their business service, particularly for older clients who had heavy, awkward pieces. “We’d have organized the logistics and the movers would be two hours late, and here we had a paying client waiting,” says Kendra. “We were having such a hard time finding someone reliable and consistent.”

Alongside retired-age clients with nostalgic pieces, the rise of young professionals with serious design aspirations and a growing interest in the flea markets and antique stores of Austin had Northrop thinking about expansion and streamlining logistics. Fluid Truck is now their ideal pickup and delivery solution for the many priceless pieces they are restoring and transporting.

Currently, Northrop’s groups deliveries together and reserves a Fluid Truck transit van as needed to fit multiple orders at a time, with the capability to add last-minute vehicles should they need to pivot or scale based on their clients’ requests. Offering a service that is labor-intensive in many ways, reliable, flexible, and convenient access to capable transport is invaluable to a growing business like Northrop. Now, the creativity and craft of restoring and refinishing vintage pieces to deliver to grateful clients can be the priority for Kendra and MJ.

Make a move!

The next time you or your business are looking to haul a single large piece or an entire van-load of furniture, look to Fluid Truck to help make the move as easy and stress-free as possible. To find Fluid Truck vehicle rental options near you, please visit  www.fluidtruck.com or download our Fluid Truck App right to your phone.

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