Introducing our newest venture: Fluid Truck Renew

Small and big businesses alike know the struggle of owning a vehicle all too well. It’s a major investment that requires continual financial backing, and it’s frustrating when these vehicles are purchased but not consistently used to justify the price tag. There’s nothing worse than watching your vehicle, an asset to your business, wither away in a parking lot or garage.

We’ve witnessed many businesses wind up with the same problems in terms of their vehicle use. Business becomes slower, and does not justify the need for a vehicle, or maybe you have many vehicles currently collecting dust in your lot.

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The vehicle could also be at its end-of-term, waiting to be auctioned off to someone else for a lump sum. Extending the lease of the vehicle could put an end to these problems and turn that vehicle into a profitable asset for you and your business.

Introducing Fluid Truck Renew

Allow us to introduce you to Fluid Renew, Fluid Truck’s solution to these problems. Instead of watching your vehicle collect dust in your lot, or get auctioned off at a deeply depreciated price, why not keep it, put it on our platform, and earn extra cash simply for owning it? Now, your vehicle won’t cost you money, but will make you money with Fluid Truck Renew.

Fluid Truck Renew is Fluid Truck’s brand-new vehicle prolongment program, aimed at maximizing a vehicle’s life and everyday use. Extend the life of your end-of-term vehicle or make extra cash off a vehicle you’re not currently using simply by listing it on our rental platform. Turn your vehicle into the asset it was intended to be by renting it on Fluid Renew.

Benefits of Fluid Truck Renew:

  • Get more out of your end-of-term vehicle: instead of retiring your vehicle and cashing it out at an auction after 5 years, keep it around for an extra year to 3 years, lowering the overall cost of ownership as you make money and keep the vehicle longer.
  • Lessen financial strain: Turn idle vehicles into steady income. Your cargo van or box truck will be consistently rented out on our rental platform, allowing you to earn a profit on each reservation.
  • Lower your overall cost of ownership: Let the vehicle pay for itself! If you’re renting on our platform for more than your monthly cost, you can see a profit through renting.
  • Environmental impact: We can maximize the use of current resources and focus on growing a minimum-waste approach to vehicle use.

Why Choose Fluid Truck?

Fluid Truck is a technology-based rental platform that strives to allow convenient access to vehicles for businesses. Our platform makes it easy for you to rent straight from your phone, without the hassle of paperwork and large corporate lots. Renters simply download our app, sign up for a personal or business account, and then rent vehicles nearby.

We want to provide that same convenience to you as a business owner looking to list your cargo van or box truck. With our technology, clients can easily rent your vehicle and earn you solid income.

The best part of listing your vehicle for rent on Fluid Renew is that we handle the day-to-day operations regarding your vehicle’s reservations and maintenance – all you have to do is watch the cash roll in.

How to get started

Interested in bringing new life to your fleet and making a little extra cash on the side? Simply click here to get in touch with us and begin the process. We can’t wait to help you renew your fleet!

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