This year is truly speeding by, and we’re excited to share all we’ve been up to this month here at Fluid Truck. From features to sponsorships and more, July was a full month! Read on to learn what’s new: 

Breaking barriers for sustainable transportation 

With transportation accounting for 15% of the world’s total greenhouse gasses, the push for sustainability is greater than ever. However, this journey is not without challenges, with two significant hurdles being access and equity. 

In his latest feature with Fast Company, our founder and CEO Jimmy Eberhard discusses 3 tactics for businesses to stay ahead in building their sustainable fleets. 

We’re grateful for the platform to be able to make sustainable transportation a reality for many businesses and individuals. This is achieved through vehicle sharing, rentals, and minimizing the costs of owning an EV. 

A truckload of excitement for back-to-school 

Our most recent sponsorship partnership paired two things we love: sustainability and supporting others in need! We had the pleasure of partnering with UniCycle to deliver a truckload of school uniforms. 

UniCycle provides school uniforms to students in need within the Metro Nashville Public School system by collecting gently-used clothing items in schools and redistributing them to those in need. Check out our video here to see them in action! 

Secure your vehicles for 2024

As August is quickly approaching, it’s imperative to stay a step ahead and prepare for next year. How is your fleet looking for 2024? 

As vehicle and leasing prices continue to rise, Fluid Truck is helping businesses lock in prices to guarantee price and availability of vehicles into next year. Building a scalable, long-term fleet with Fluid Truck is a great way to ensure your business’ success for the coming year. You can get started by signing up for a business account.

Introducing Fluid Renew

We’ve finally launched our solution to your idle fleet: Fluid Renew. List your vehicle on our platform to generate revenue, minimize idle and unused vehicles, and maximize your vehicle’s lifespan through Fluid Renew. Check out our press release to learn more on how you can get started with Fluid Renew. 

See you next month! 

Thank you for joining us to learn about the latest updates at Fluid Truck. Our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering, as we collaborate with like-minded partners such as Fast Company and UniCycle to educate and inspire. Additionally, we take pride in the nationwide launch of our own sustainable initiative, Fluid Renew. We appreciate your support and are eager to bring more exciting developments in August and beyond! 🙂

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