According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 2 out of 3 businesses with employees will survive 2 years while about 50% will survive 5 years. And finally, after those first few cycles of ups and downs, the chances of survival flatten out as a company finally finds its footing on a solid foundation.

But how do you make it through those early years? How can you keep your business from becoming another statistic? It’s important to create strategies that build sustainability into your business from the start, allowing for flexibility and scalability. 

One of the best ways to do that, especially for small businesses, is through long-term vehicle rentals.

Here’s how renting your business vehicles long-term could set your company up for years of success by saving valuable resources and giving you the ability to adapt, scale, innovate, and thrive in the midst of an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment.

Free up much-needed resources

Money, minutes, and manpower, otherwise known as the 3 main resources every business owner needs to know how to manage properly at any level of growth. For companies that do a lot of delivery or transportation, vehicles can eat a big chunk out of all these areas. 

That’s where long-term business vehicle leasing comes in handy!

Long-term rentals from Fluid Truck help you save:

  1. Money over time with more affordable rates compared to daily, weekly, or monthly short-term rental rates.
  2. Minutes each day as you freely make changes to your rental 24/7 through the app and gain access to vehicles in your area.
  3. Manpower among stretched teams that don’t have time to worry about vehicle maintenance, data tracking, and other small tasks.

A long-term rental also generates a little extra peace of mind for fleet managers. You can rest assured knowing that the vehicles you need to get the job done will be locked down for you every day. No more worrying whether or not you remembered to renew your short-term rental for a few more weeks to cover the rest of your peak season.

Avoid wear and tear on your owned vehicles

Commercial vehicles can be a huge investment. Beyond the initial purchase price, there are plenty of other long-term factors to consider like repairs and regular maintenance to keep vehicles functioning at their maximum capacities. 

Over time, even the most routine maintenance costs like oil changes and tire upgrades can eat into your budget and your employees’ valuable time. Not to mention, the prolonged stress, especially on a smaller fleet of vehicles, may have you investing in entirely new models after just a few years.

Commercial vehicle rentals of any length can help you avoid those extra costs by taking the stress of maintenance out of your hands. When you partner with Fluid Truck, we work alongside you to perform maintenance on your rented vehicles for you so you have more time to focus on what matters most: building your business.

Upgrade your fleet as you go

Nearly every industry experiences some level of ebb and flow in demand. Caterers might experience their peak season in summer while delivery services witness a spike in late fall and winter. For that reason, scalability is essential to a growing business in any industry.

The timeline of growth for your company factors into scalability as well. At the start you may only need a simple cargo van rental to meet the needs of your customers. As your client pool expands, however, you may eventually want to upgrade to more long-term truck rentals in the future.

Long-term vehicle rentals give you the opportunity to build and scale your fleet gradually. At Fluid Truck, we work with our long-term rental partners to provide data and metrics about their vehicle usage that can inform their fleet management decisions as they continue to grow and learn to navigate changes in their unique commercial environment. 

Fluid Truck’s long-term rental telematics help fleet managers to:

  • Understand and optimize how their fleet operates.
  • Stay on top of vehicle maintenance.
  • Cut costs by saving valuable time and resources.

Short term vehicle rentals can be a great solution in a pinch, especially when you need to meet last minute orders (and don’t worry, Fluid Truck is great for shorter-term rentals too!) 

But for business owners looking to create an enduring, resilient fleet of vehicles that will continue to grow alongside and support their company well into the future, renting long-term is a great place to start.

To learn more about how you can rent long-term with some of the most flexible rental options on the market, download the Fluid Truck app or contact our experts today and let us help you build lasting sustainability into your fleet.

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