What has Fluid Truck been up to lately? It was a busy May as we headed to California for the Advanced Clean Energy Expo and the TechCrunch Mobility event!

The Advanced Clean Energy (ACT) Expo is all about the future of fleet. It’s a  comprehensive assembly of advanced technology commercial vehicles. We are talking electric, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, and much more! Time to dig into our favorite highlights.

Let’s start with the ACT Expo

It was an extensive expo hall comprising the latest and greatest clean vehicles, tech, charging, software and more. Fluid Truck employee, Claire Cumberland, had the chance to do the two-day ride and drive event.

“I had the opportunity to drive BrightDrop’s and Workhorse’s all-electric delivery van, Hyliion hypertruck ERX, and road in the Voith Group transit bus. All the vehicles were so quiet that when you were walking through the parking lot you had to really pay attention to not get hit since you could not even hear the vehicles coming,”

Pretty awesome! Her key takeaway? Battery EVs are ramping up now more than ever.

Her favorite vehicles on the show floor?

  • Bollinger’s All electric work truck
  • Einride’s Electric & Autonomous flatbed pod
  • Brightdrop’s Electrically propelled Car
  • Cummins’s blue-bird electric school bus
  • Recon’s First all-electric flyer

“It is so important we attend events like this because it allows you to experience firsthand the latest and greatest advanced clean-tech commercial vehicles that are driving the future of transportation and learn from some of the most influential and progressive leaders in the industry,” said Fluid Truck’s Claire Cumberland.  “From seeing and discussing some of the innovations that will shape the future of electric vehicles to hearing from fleets that are paving the road ahead, the ACT Expo is the top conference to attend to stay up to date and at the forefront of everything clean-tech.”

Fluid Truck’s Head of Hardware & Telematics, Ryan Cheney, said attending the event was great because from an engineering and design perspective, it is important to interact with other innovators and leaders in the clean transportation space.

“We were able to see firsthand what the OEMs are doing now and have conversations on what to expect from the industry in the next 5-20 years. Collaboration is the key to progress and events like ACT Expo continue to prove to be a valuable resource for Fluid, and companies alike, to continue to drive innovation in the mobility space and stay up to date on zero-emission tech’s influence on commercial vehicles,” Cheney said.

TechCrunch Mobility

“TechCrunch Mobility was an inspiring and thought-provoking event bringing together leaders in mobility” - Emily Allen, Head of Communications for Fluid Truck.

Time to talk TechCrunch! Fluid Truck’s Emily Allen said her highlights were Aeromobil’s flying car and the minimalist design of Arrival’s last-mile delivery vehicle.

“I can’t wait to see the Arrival vehicle on Fluid Truck’s platform one day,” she said.

The event brought together leaders and innovators in the mobility space, and it was insightful to see the future of transportation in the eyes of different companies from around the world, Emily explained. It was an opportunity to hear from a dozen speakers who are in the mobility space, from Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen Group, to Lisa Mae Brunson, the Founder & Chief Visionary for Wonder Women Tech, Sterling Anderson, the Co-founder & Chief Produce Officer of Aurora, and many more.

“TechCrunch Mobility was an inspiring and thought-provoking event bringing together leaders in mobility. Events like this are critical to the future of mobility because it will take collaboration to meet our autonomous and electric vehicle goals. These events generate important ideas and relationships that will help all of us in the mobility space work together to redefine the future of transportation.”

We could not agree more, Emily!

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