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At Fluid Truck, our product is people. We bring in smart, talented people with a lot of ambition and give them the opportunity to grow and expand their skill sets rapidly. Our end goal is to equip every person who joins our team with the skills they need to one day grow beyond us and create incredible things on their own. Interviews are edited for clarity.

This month’s Employee Spotlight centers on Emily W. Emily is Fluid Truck’s Head of Marketing. Keep reading to learn what it’s like to spread the word about at a fast-growing company like Fluid Truck!

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

It’s something new every day at Fluid Truck. It’s never stagnant or boring. The landscape is always changing, which makes it refreshing. 

When you aren’t working, what are you usually doing? 

My husband Jason and I play hockey, and we hang out with friends a lot. We’re really lucky to live four houses down from our best friends, so we’re always going back and forth. Otherwise I’m usually working out, hanging out in the backyard, listening to music, and of course chilling with Sully!

Emily and husband Jason wearing full hockey gear, standing on the ice together.
Couples that beat people up on the ice together, stay together!

Tell us about your pets!

Sully is the biggest baby you’ll ever meet! He’s a momma and daddy’s boy, always attached at the hip. He can also escape any kennel we try to put him in. One time the lady at Petsmart said she was giving me the strongest kennel they carry, and I could get a refund if he escaped. I had to go back the next day and return it!

Three photos of Emily's dog, Sully. He is a yellow lab. In one photo, he is holding a toy dinosaur in his mouth. In the next, he's sleeping on a gray couch with his paws sticking out. And in the final photo, he is wearing a green metallic party hat and fashionable black rectangular glasses.

Do you have any secret talents?

I'm pretty good at hockey! [Author’s note: Emily holds a high school record in her hometown!] 

Sometimes I think I have a psychic ability. Just go with it, haha! When I was applying to colleges, I dreamt of the scores I'd get on the ACT. Every time I took the test, I got that score!

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Follow your gut!

When I first started my career I went to the VP and asked a question that only he knew the answer to. Before I even got to the end of the sentence, he asked me, "what do you think?" 

I said "I don't know," and he told me, "always be prepared to answer a question that you're asking, even if you're not sure. Because a lot of the time, that ends up being the answer." 

Also, on your resume, put interesting facts! That's how I got my job at the Colorado Avalanche. I put my love for M&M McFlurries and that got me in the door! 

Emily and her husband Jason posing and smiling in the crowd with the Red Rocks stage in the background.
Do you really work at a Colorado startup if you don't have at least one photo here?

If you could have a Fluid Truck full of one thing, what would it be?

Puppies! Mini Sullys would be ideal. Or Whisk & Willow cookies, And money, of course… McFlurries, Starbucks… [Tall vanilla sweet cream cold brew with a single pump of peppermint is Emily’s order.]

Do you have a favorite movie quote?

“Do you believe in miracles?!” –– from the hockey movie, Miracle!

If you had a TED Talk, what would it be about?

I would love to talk about how different generations have more in common than we may think. Older generations have this, “remember the good old days?” mentality, but the younger generations of today really do have more in common with gen X and baby boomers than we talk about. 

What would you tell someone who wants to come work at Fluid Truck?

There are opportunities to really hone into what you want to do. If you want to test the waters in a certain skillset, you're easily able to do that.

Want to work somewhere where you get the support to  grow and develop as an individual? You’re in luck – we’re hiring! Click here to check out open positions at Fluid Truck.

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