Earlier this year we launched the Fluid Truck Safe Driver Cup, a program that uses our proprietary telematics system to measure driving habits so we can reward drivers who exhibit patterns of safe driving. That means avoiding sharp turns, rapid acceleration, or slamming on the breaks. To encourage safe driving we offer a weekly cash prize to the safest drivers operating our vehicles.

As part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to shout out some of the exceptionally safe drivers on Fluid Truck’s platform! These terrific drivers have consistently ranked in the Safe Driver Score top ten list week-over-week and have stellar driving scores to show for it.

We appreciate these individuals’ respect for our vehicles and the rules of the road and want to celebrate them for keeping the roads safe for everyone. Join us in congratulating the following drivers for their awesome driving habits!

Meet our 2021 Safe Driving All-Stars

#1.    Larry S. | Jacksonville, FL
Lifetime Score - 99.8

#2.    Austin C. | Raleigh, NC
Lifetime Score - 99.75

#3.    Joe B. | Salt Lake City, UT
Lifetime Score - 99.4

#4.    Dominick G. | Richmond, VA
Lifetime Score - 98.8

#5.    Noah M. | Minneapolis, MN
Lifetime Score - 96.5

Think you have what it takes to be a Safe Driving All-Star?

You can sign up for the Safe Driver Cup yourself when you drive Fluid Trucks! Win up to $300 dollars per week when you opt in to the Safe Driver Cup using your Fluid Truck driver profile. Click here to learn more >

How do I sign-up?

Step 1) Login to your driver account in the Fluid Truck App.

Step 2) Click on the “Safe Driver Cup” section in the Account Menu 

Step 3) Select “Sign Me Up!” within the Safe Driver Cup pop-up window

Step 4) Make sure to read the instructions* and click the “Truck Yeah!” button.

*To qualify, drivers must be linked to their business’s Fluid Truck account. Eligible participants must drive at least 50 miles and five hours during the week.

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