So, you've posted your vehicle to the Fluid Truck app and are ready to start making money. When your vehicle looks better on your listing, users will be more inspired to rent it - it's really that simple.

However, paying for a professional photographer can be expensive - so why not just do it yourself? We put together a mini-glamour photoshoot for our model (ahem, a Hyundai), and put together these tips so anybody can take amazing, high-quality photos of their vehicle.

We'll be going over how to take amazing:

  • Angled Exterior Shots
  • Interior Shots
  • Well-lit Images

1. Multiple Angled Shots

Take at least three exterior photos of your vehicle. Make sure you take your photos from the front and side, and the lines of the vehicle's edges are parallel to the edges of the photograph for good composition. In addition, crouching low and taking shots from a lower angle can make your vehicle look more impressive.

2. Interior Shots

Take a photo out of your front windshield, photos of your interior seats, and of your trunk area. Taking these photos in daylight will ensure that the interior is lit nicely! Make sure to add any specs in your description like Bluetooth, how many seats are available, or GPS system. To get a shot like this without a wide-angle camera lens, put your front and back seats down and take the photo from the trunk area. Get as far back as possible in your car to achieve an amazing view!

3. Lighting

Make sure you take your photos during the day - peak photo-taking times are 1-2 hours before sunset (what some people call the "Golden Hour"). Blurry photos look unprofessional, so make sure you take photos that highlight your beautiful vehicle. Dark or dim photos won't show up well on a phone and could lose you a few potential customers.

Remember - the better your listing looks, the more reservations you'll get. Start making money right away by taking some quality shots of your car!

- The Fluid Team

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