As we approach mid-September, the holiday season is right around the corner. This can leave unanswered questions for consumers on where to shop this year, and businesses on how to appeal to consumers in an oversaturated market.

The holidays are a stressful time for all, especially last-mile delivery. Traditional carriers are overloaded with packages, resulting in increased shipping rates and limited package acceptance. 

Businesses may struggle to find efficient last-mile delivery solutions, so they should solidify their delivery options now. Here are 5 ways retailers can succeed during peak last mile delivery season: 

1. Establish in-house delivery 

In the past few years, small businesses and startups have grown in huge ways. Forbes reports shifts in retail. This has only increased growing consumer expectations for faster and door-to-door delivery options.

In-house delivery is taking off, as Forbes reveals the U.S. “also saw growth in the transportation businesses with the demand for delivery up 74% over [the past] three years.” 

Providing your own delivery brings you closer to your customers, giving businesses the chance to leave a lasting impression on all angles of the consumer experience – from the products themselves, the packaging, and the delivery experience. Hundreds of businesses across the U.S. are relying on companies like Fluid Truck to quickly establish their own delivery options. Expanding your own delivery fleet has never been easier when you choose to rent. Rent a vehicle to cover peak season when you need it most. 

2. Provide real-time tracking 

In 2022, customers are spoiled with real-time tracking of their packages. The holiday season whirlwind can be stressful for us all, and consumers want to know that their gifts will make it in a timely manner. Providing real-time tracking holds the business accountable and gives the customer a sense of relief that their package has been taken care of. 

Fluid Truck’s proprietary product, telematics, makes it easy to keep all your trucks in a row. Manage where delivery drivers are in real-time and provide these updates to your customers. Eliminate package damage or loss by keeping a close eye on where they are. 

3. Strengthen customer relationship 

Real-time updates go hand-in-hand with our third point: strengthening your customer relationships. Communication and frequent updates are an easy way to boost your reputation with your customers as well as provide transparency. Managing your own delivery can give you easy access to answer the questions customers ask most: when will my package arrive? 

Customer loyalty lies in reliable, transparent delivery, as 47% of consumers state that they will not purchase again from a business with poor delivery visibility. Forbes expert Khaled Naim states, “I have seen how when small companies start growing, they often take delivery in-house to regain control of the entire customer experience — from online order to doorstep delivery.”  Streamline your customer experience and make delivery a breeze by utilizing Fluid Truck and its convenient business tools.

4. Zero in on prime delivery routes 

With the influx of vehicles on the road, it’s easy to get caught up in traffic delays or ineffective delivery routes – causing delays in delivery. 71% of Americans expect timely delivery of online purchases from retailers. Establishing optimal delivery routes can aid in solidifying speedy delivery, the priority of all shoppers. 

Fluid Truck’s technology makes it easy to see where your vehicles frequent most, assign drivers, and optimize your delivery routes all in one place.

5. Start planning early 

This year, experts anticipate e-commerce holiday sales will increase 15.5% from 2021 for a whopping total of $235.86 billion. In addition to that, more shoppers plan to start buying gifts earlier this year due to inflation. 

Take your business’ success into your own hands and secure your delivery options now. Fluid Truck’s technology-based platform works for your business so you are able to provide fast, reliable shipping without worrying about typical shipping issues or the headache of owning a vehicle. Click here to create a free business account, reserve your vehicles, and begin utilizing our top tech this holiday season.

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