Manage your account information

December 19, 2023

If you ever need to update your account information, read the instructions below to learn how.

Fluid Truck App

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Log in to your account and open the account menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Under your full name at the top of the screen tap View Account.
  3. On the new screen tap Edit Profile.
  4. Under the Edit Profile Menu, you will be able to edit your Profile Picture, Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Password.
  5. Want to upload a profile photo? Tap Change Picture, this will prompt you to Upload a Photo. You can either take a live photo or upload one from your album.
  6. Returning back to the Edit Profile Menu, click on Phone, from here you will be able to change your phone number. Remember, you will have to confirm your changes by entering in a six-digit verification code.
  7. Also, feel free to change your First and Last Name if there are any typos. Remember this will still have to match your provided license information.
  8. If ever necessary, on the Edit Profile Menu, you can also change your password by typing in a New Password (with a minimum of 8 characters) and hitting Next.
  9. After you have made all necessary changes click Save to confirm all the changes.

There ya go! You have now successfully updated your account information!

If applicable: Activating the charger with RFID
If the charging station requires RFID activation, check your keys for an RFID tag.

Follow these steps:
1. Activate the charging station by tapping the tag against the charging station. 
2. Wait for the charger to activate.
3. Plug the charger into the vehicle. 
4. Make sure the vehicle is charging before leaving.