Pop Quiz: How much time does the average person spend looking for parking in a year?

A. 8 hours
B. 24 hours
C. 17 hours

If you guessed C, you’re correct! The average driver will spend seventeen hours searching for parking in a year. If you live anywhere near a city or metropolitan center, you have probably complained about the challenges of finding parking, or paying for parking, or relying on a safe spot. Parking is a hot commodity, and it can get expensive too. 

So, how does a business like Fluid Truck that operates thousands of vehicles across the country make sure that our vehicles are safely parked? Fortunately, Neighbor exists! Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of how Fluid Truck manages to efficiently park its thousands of vehicles across the country.

Neighbor, like Fluid Truck, is a resource-sharing platform. People and businesses who have extra space to spare can rent out that space to anybody that needs to store anything from boat trailers to boxes.

For example - picture a mall. Huge parking lots that are often vastly underused can now be repurposed to serve as parking lots for other uses. In a climate where thoughtfulness outweighs wastefulness, Neighbor is giving malls a new life and revenue streams.

Next Pop Quiz: How rapidly are malls in the United States closing?

According to research from 2020, “25% of America’s roughly 1,000 malls will close over the next three to five years.” It’s no secret that the profitability and popularity of malls have been in decline for years since the evolution and mass adoption of online shopping. This leaves massive amounts of unused space and drastic decreases in revenue for America’s once-loved hotspots for shopping and dining.

On the bright side, this is how Neighbor is changing the landscape of parking and other storage space. Now, rather than mall parking lots being left to waste, Neighbor and Fluid Truck are giving them new life.

With thousands of vehicles in over forty markets across the United States, Fluid Truck is constantly in need of spacious, centrally located parking lots so businesses and individuals can rent vehicles when they need them. Fluid Truck’s convenience and efficiency are what makes it such a useful platform, and working together with Neighbor helps keep vans readily available for users.

Neighbor’s business model is a win-win: places like malls and other retailers struggling financially with too-big parking lots win when they lease out their surplus spaces on Neighbor. Companies or individuals like Fluid Truck win because they get short or long-term access to parking spaces. 

The sharing economy is set to reach $335 billion by 2025. Companies that leverage the concept of resource sharing like Fluid Truck, Neighbor, REACTIV, and others, will keep on thriving as these trends continue. So, why not explore how this sharing economy can work for you? Do you have some extra space you’d like to be earning cash for? Learn how to list it on Neighbor!

Need a Truck, or a fleet of trucks, or want to put your own vehicle on our sharing platform? Fluid is here for you! Visit our website to find a vehicle near you.

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