If you are someone who expresses themselves through fashion, there’s nothing quite like receiving a compliment for the floral sundress you thrifted at one of the vintage shops in your neighborhood. “Thanks, I thrifted it!” You’re trendy, you’re getting quality pieces without breaking your budget, you’ll never have the awkward moment of running into someone wearing the same dress as you, and - most importantly - you’re making a sustainable choice for a better future.

Secondhand clothing is more popular than ever with the recent criticism of fast-fashion brands. Rather than contributing to the industry responsible for “more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined,” fashion-forward and environmentally conscious consumers have started transitioning the curation of their wardrobes via sites like Depop and Poshmark, or neighborhood thrift stores and consignment shops. After all, what’s not to love about one-of-a-kind finds that don’t contribute to your carbon footprint?

Post-Covid Moves for Small Businesses

Another major shift in consumer behavior in 2021 is the conscious decision to patronize small businesses over corporate-owned chain stores. The transition comes in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, where many local shops were forced to close and sell their spaces as loss to foot-traffic proved devastating for business. The good news is that amid hardship, shops like The Yellow Morning and Round Trip Goods in Denver are making a comeback with the support of their community behind them. However, this isn’t without its share of new challenges. With increasing demand and no storefront, what is an up-and-coming vintage shop to do?

Enter the Pop up shop. A growing phenomenon that is all the rage as it allows for lower start-up costs by eliminating fixed overhead of storefront rentals. These short-term rented spaces could be exactly the ticket to make your dreams of running a shop a reality, while answering the growing demand for return to an in-person shopping experience.

REACTIV + Fluid Truck = The Denver Startups Helping Small Businesses Get Some Space

While the concept of a pop-up shop seems simple enough, transitioning a small vintage shop running out of someone’s home is no easy feat. Securing a location for a pop-up retail space, and renting a large vehicle to move everything can be time consuming and complicated. Thankfully, Denver startups REACTIV and Fluid Truck, have paved an easier way.

As a commercial building leasing company, even the smallest shops can gain access to a retail space when they need it through REACTIV. REACTIV was developed to solve two problems: to help owners of commercial real estate to capture better monetization on their vacancy, and to help anybody that wants to consume commercial real estate or rent a piece of property understand they can do it on a short-term basis, with flexible terms.

Similarly, Fluid Truck provides individuals and small businesses with a fleet of commercial vehicles at their fingertips. With groundbreaking technology, Fluid Truck allows users to rent medium-duty commercial vehicles right from their mobile phone – 24/7, 365 days a year. With the Fluid Truck app, you can find a vehicle near you and drive off in minutes. This empowers businesses with a scalable fleet without the high costs of overhead, and also supplies anyone from weekend DIYers to new home buyers with easy access to cargo vans and box trucks to tackle any project on their own schedule. Best of all, Fluid Truck is promoting sustainability by encouraging a sharing economy that maximizes the utilization of resources and reducing the number of vehicles needed on the road to service community needs.

Happen to be a Denver local? Come check out a pop-up supported by Fluid Truck and REACTIV and shop local!

On June 17th, four sustainable goods and vintage shops will be gathering in a pop-up shop hosted by one of REACTIV’s many spaces. Check out the shops that will be featured at “Made to Last - a Sustainable Lifestyle Market:”

These brands will be bringing their exquisite collections of vintage clothing, hand dyed art, and secondhand housewares to 2921 Walnut St.-  a space that REACTIV owns - transported by a Fluid Truck. Not only do these brands’ very business models promote sustainability, but by renting a space and a vehicle rather than owning them, the carbon impact of their businesses is dramatically reduced. Whether you’re a savvy fashionista, a window shopper, or want to check out how REACTIV and Fluid Truck work, stop by 2921 Walnut St, Denver, CO on Saturday between 2pm and 6pm! If you end up making a purchase that’s too large to take home in your own vehicle, Fluid Trucks will be nearby to rent and get your haul home!

Are you a small business owner? Did you start a hobby during quarantine that’s started to take over your home? Consider renting a Fluid Truck to get all of your stuff to a space rented from REACTIV! 

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Made to Last - A Sustainable Lifestyle Market
Saturday, June 17th 2pm - 6pm
2921 Walnut St. Denver, CO

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