Work Truck Week begins this week, and we’re excited to head out to Indianapolis to check it out! Several members of the Fluid Truck team are coming from around the country to explore the exhibition, meet with industry leaders, and see the latest technology in the commercial trucking industry. Here are the top five things we can’t wait to see at this year’s Work Truck Week.

1. The Green Truck Summit

Fluid Truck is all about expanding our knowledge of electric vehicles and other sustainable solutions for work trucks. This event is sure to be informative and engaging. At the Green Truck Summit, we’re looking forward to learning more about hydrogen fuel cells, global cleantech trends, how industry segments are making moves towards zero emissions, and how Fluid Truck can fit into a more sustainable future of trucking.

2. Exhibitor floor & new technology

All of the biggest car manufacturers are attending Work Truck Week, and we’re stoked to see the new offerings that these truck companies have to display. Lots of press conferences are scheduled, and there are a great number of vehicle manufacturers that are set to announce new offerings, specifically in the EV space. We can’t wait to be wowed! Who doesn’t love a trade show full of networking, swag, and jaw-dropping booth displays?

3. Interesting discussions and sessions

We all know that the global supply chain issues have dramatically impacted the vehicle industry in numerous ways. We are looking forward to hearing from automakers like Ford, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Ram, Hino, and more for updates on their manufacturing processes. Plus, Work Truck Week is featuring interesting sessions regarding fleet management, sales, and business ethics too! We can’t wait to nerd out with other folks in the truck industry.

Ryan DeHamer via Unsplash

4. Indianapolis

Fluid Truck has a presence in Indiana, but with team members flying out from around the country, we’re excited to check out what Indy has to offer. Are there attractions, restaurants,  or cultural activities we should try to check out while we’re in Indiana? Let us know on Twitter!

5. New people

After a couple of years of digital events and canceled trade shows, we couldn’t be more excited to be in an actual, real-life room with people from all over! We can’t wait to meet with industry leaders and get ideas on how to expand Fluid Truck and stay competitive.

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