This Women's History Month, we at Fluid Truck are thrilled to honor and celebrate the remarkable women who are integral to our journey. 

Our drive toward disruption and innovation in the mobility industry is supercharged by the diverse talents and unwavering dedication of the women who make our team exceptional.

We believe in creating a space where women can thrive, lead, and innovate. It's not just about acknowledging their contributions; it's about recognizing the vital role they play in driving the future of transportation and technology forward. 

Spotlighting the women who drive Fluid Truck forward

We're spotlighting the trailblazers among us with a series of employee spotlights that shine a light on the varied skills, backgrounds, and dreams that women bring to our team. 

From engineering marvels to marketing masterpieces, operations excellence, and product innovations, these stories highlight the breadth of talent and the depth of passion women contribute to our collective journey.

Personal insights from Fluid Truck's leading ladies

Keep reading for awesome professional advice from Fluid Truck’s best and brightest. Click each name to dive deeper into each of these fantastic women’s employee spotlight interviews. 

Lori R., Operations Administrator: “It never hurts to ask. If you're going for a job and you want certain pay or certain expectations, you have to ask. Because the answer will always be no if you don't ask. You might as well set yourself up for success.”

Luzmaira L., Senior Customer Care Agent: “Embrace challenges through curiosity, and with an open mind. We are living in times where everything changes. Take those challenges with an open mind, see them as an opportunity to grow, improve, and expand your knowledge so it can be used later in life.” 

Emily W., Head of Marketing: “Follow your gut! When I first started my career I went to the VP and asked a question that only he knew the answer to. Before I even got to the end of the sentence, he asked me, "what do you think?" 

I said "I don't know," and he told me, "always be prepared to answer a question that you're asking, even if you're not sure. Because a lot of the time, that ends up being the answer." 

Joanne L., Learning & Development Manager: “Don't be afraid to ask for help. I was very shy to ask questions at first, because I didn't want to feel incompetent. But have the courage to step up and say, "Hey I need help. I want to work with you so I can get better."‘

Lucy G., Customer Care Supervisor: “Always give 100%. In a healthy way, of course. If things work out, or not, it’s always good to know you did everything you could for it to be great.” 

Tiffany B., VP of Buenos Aires Operations: “Fake it till you make it! I thought that was really cool. Just fake it until you actually have something to present and the “make it” part will follow.”

Alix T., Employee Relations Manager: “Immerse yourself. Don’t just stick to your job title on paper, take on more challenges, do things outside of your job description, immerse yourself in all aspects of the business, don’t sit back and wait.”

Vera Z., Project Manager: “If you want something, ask for it. If you ask and the response you get isn’t great, that’s probably not the place you should be anyway.” 

Manu S., Head of Buenos Aires Operations: “Learn to delegate! Not only for my own sanity and so that I can have a life, but to allow others to learn and grow and improve upon what I’ve done.”

Tiffany L., Head of Human Resources: “Be ready to do things that are uncomfortable that are going to result in your professional development. These things are happening so that you can make bigger impacts on our organization and in your life.” 

Jen S., Co-Founder and Chief Legal Counsel: “So long as you're willing to work hard and try anything, you'll always succeed. If you're willing to take on any task, you'll keep getting more and more. Stay humble and be open to do anything to help.”

Caitlin S., Senior Frontend Engineer: “Just grind it out. Just tough it out and keep at it. At the end of the day there's always someone smarter than you –– accept that. Do your best. If you put the time into it, you'll be fine.” 

These snippets are just a glimpse into the wisdom pervading Fluid Truck, showcasing the depth and diversity of experiences that fuel our drive. Each story, each piece of advice, is a testament to the strength, intelligence, and creativity of the women who not only contribute to our success but redefine what it means to lead in the mobility industry.

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