Take a second and consider what your life would look like without truck drivers. Nothing ordered online would be delivered to your door, no imported food could get to the grocery store, no trash pickups. Your favorite artists couldn’t go on tour. You couldn’t gas up your car because gasoline wouldn’t be delivered to the pump.

When you think about how much truck drivers keep our modern society going, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without these important people. Truck drivers keep America moving! This is why the American Trucking Association established National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in 1998.

Fluid Truck is excited to celebrate the 2021 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week September 12th - 18th. We invite you to participate too! Keep reading to find out how you can show your appreciation for truck drivers around you.

Download a Thank You Card 

Want to say thank you to a truck driver but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We designed a print-at-home Thank You Card you can download for free. Stick it under a driver’s windshield wiper or hand it to them when you see them. Make a driver’s day!  Click here to download the printable PDF

Appreciate Your Local Truck Driver

We’ll be driving around Denver showing our appreciation for the truck drivers in our community on Monday, September 13th with prizes and giveaways. Stay tuned for a video!

Employee Spotlight: Braden T.

Fluid Truck relies on drivers across the country. This week’s Employee Spotlight Blog highlights one of ours: Braden T. Click here to read it!

The Fluid Truck Safe Driver Cup

We try hard to keep drivers safe when they’re driving our trucks – it’s why we established the Fluid Truck Safe Driver Cup. The Safe Driver Cup is a program within the Fluid Truck app that monitors driving habits of drivers that have opted in to alert drivers to dangerous habits like hard braking, sharp cornering and rapid accelerations that lead to accidents. The best part? Drivers who enroll have the chance to win $300 every week! 

Meet our highest-scoring superstars (and prize winners) this week! Come back for the link posted on 9/16.

Think you can drive to the top of the list with your safe driving habits? Click here to learn how to sign up for the Safe Driver Cup and show us what you’ve got!

Have a happy and safe Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and when you meet a driver on the road this week (and every week) be sure to show them some love!

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