Renting vehicles is an extremely effective way to support the growth and scalability of your business without breaking the bank. However, not all rental agreements are created equal. 

Short-term rental rates are great when you need a few extra vehicles to meet a big delivery. But, if you’re building a more permanent fleet out of your rented vehicles, you may benefit from switching over to a long-term rental agreement instead.

Read on to learn about five ways you can boost your company, no matter how big or small, by booking long-term truck rentals for your business fleet.

1. Cost savings

When booking a rental, it’s important to realistically assess how long the vehicles in question will be of use to you and your business. If you know you will need to use a vehicle for an extended amount of time, long-term rental agreements may be much more cost effective for you than short-term agreements. 

Long-term rental agreements have better rates compared to paying daily, weekly, or even monthly rates. With Fluid Truck, long-term rentals qualify as rental terms lasting six months or longer. Fluid Truck works with businesses to meet their long-term rental needs at affordable rates with no hidden fees that would normally drive up the price tag.

On short-term rentals with Fluid Truck, 100 miles a day are included and anything beyond that is charged per-mile. On a one year agreement, you get 33,600 miles over 12 months. 

Many businesses stress mileage limits in peak months and end up paying excessive overage charges on short-term rentals. However, long-term rental agreements average all your peak miles over the course of the entire year, so you’re likely to never have to pay overage fees, even during peak season.

2. Hands-off maintenance & repair

One of the biggest hassles that comes with owning your own fleet of vehicles is maintenance. Not only are the costs for routine maintenance and repairs heavy on your budget, especially for small businesses, but the process can be time-consuming and difficult to track.

If you fail to stay on top of regular maintenance, you could be looking at even more heavy repair costs or missed jobs when you cannot get the vehicle you need in time.

At Fluid Truck, we partner with our long-term rental customers to take routine vehicle maintenance off their shoulders. Our telematics help fleet owners keep track of their vehicles to determine the optimal time to perform maintenance and guarantee that no tires, oil, or other valuable resources are wasted. Our team can also come to you to handle maintenance and repair needs, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business goals and strategies.

3. Vehicle flexibility

Long-term vehicle rentals also guarantee that the vehicles you need will be ready to go at a moment’s notice. You never have to worry that one of your preferred vehicles has already been booked for the day. 

This increased flexibility in your delivery fleet gives you the freedom to accept any size job. You can rest easy knowing you will always have the right equipment on-hand to back up even the most last minute sales. 

4. Customization options

When you rent long-term with Fluid Truck, you open up your fleet to a wide variety of customization options. For example, you can enjoy free marketing as your drivers ride around in vehicles wrapped in your very own custom branding! 

You can also increase the diversity of vehicles within your fleet. This may be particularly useful for construction crews or delivery services who cater to clients of all different sizes. Perhaps you have an existing fleet of cargo vans. Why not take out a long-term rental on a box truck for a year to increase your ability to serve more customers, or complete jobs that require moving larger items?

Fluid Truck allows you to customize your fleet to include just the right vehicles for any occasion and make sure you never miss out on a job.

5. Extend your financial plan

Long-term rental rates are great for extending your financial plan. From hourly rates to monthly rates, short-term rental agreements make it difficult to allocate the exact amount of money you will need for your vehicles in your yearly budget. 

You may encounter bottlenecks like renting a different type of vehicle because your preferred vehicle wasn’t in stock. Imagine being forced to rent a box truck or pickup truck because your go-to cargo van isn’t available.

Unexpected factors like these could drastically impact your rental costs. If you don’t have flexibility built into your long-term budget at the moment, such variations could lead to problems.

With long-term rental rates, there is much less chance of unexpected price fluctuations. You know exactly how much you will pay and when those payments will occur. Backed by that knowledge, you can take steps to ensure you always have the necessary funds ready to cover your rental costs. Thus, vehicle costs become one less variable to worry about in your extended financial plan.

To learn more about how Fluid Truck can save you money, time, and company resources while increasing the scalability of your growing business, contact us today or hop on the app to start browsing our wide array of commercial fleet vehicles and EVs available at your fingertips 24/7.

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