If you still have some people in your life to buy gifts for, look no further! Your search is finally over. Fluid Truck has put together a list of awesome gifts that are sure to delight even the person who has everything. The best gift guides are super specific, but contain ideas that apply to many people. Check out our recommendations below for car people, gig workers, truck drivers, techy friends, and more!

In this list, you’ll find ideas for stocking stuffers (around $50) and big gifts (around $100) for each category.  Fluid Truck is not getting paid for any of these product mentions – we just think they’re great ideas!

For Delivery Service Providers & Drivers

With demand for food delivery increasing, billions of packages to be delivered, and ride-sharing picking back up again, you probably know at least a few people who are working as a delivery service provider (DSP) or independent driver for various delivery services. Show them your love this holiday season with these gift ideas! 

Big gift: Nextbase 622 Dash Cam

According to Tech Radar, this dash cam is the best one out there. A bit pricey, this practical gift will give the recipient peace of mind on their routes. It’s easy to use. It’s equipped with superb image quality, Alexa voice control, and emergency geo-location features. 

Stocking stuffer: The Stanley Classic 2.5 qt Bottle

This timeless classic will keep beverages cold or warm for up to 48 hours (!!) while your delivery bud is making their rounds. This bottle comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s light and packable with a convenient handle. 

For Truckers

This year more than ever, truck drivers have been pushed to the limit. With supply chain malfunctions, increased demand for deliveries, inflation, and more craziness this year, it’s important to show the truck drivers in your life that you appreciate them!

Big gift: Blue Parrot Headset

If you are searching for a super nice gift for a newer trucker that doesn’t already have a headset they love, the Blue Parrot Headset will be perfect! With noise-canceling tech, over 24 hours of talk time, and a 300 ft range, this top-of-the-line gift will absolutely delight anyone who needs a hands-free phone solution.

Stocking stuffer:  Magnetic mini photo frame

Give your truck-driving loved one a reminder of home when they’re on long-haul trips with this cute magnetic photo frame. You can even request to get a photo printed especially to fit in the frame. These are great stocking stuffers for anyone!

For the Car Person

We all know a “car person” tinkering on their Jeep or obsessing over the cleanliness of their BMW. Consider these options for the autophile in your life!

Big gift: All Season Car Detailing Kit

This all-in-one kit includes a heavy-duty bucket, a foam sprayer, tons of cleaning products, microfiber towels, and more. Set up your car-savvy loved one with all they need to keep their vehicle looking fresh, clean, and protected!

Stocking stuffer: Magnetic LED Flashlight

This is the handiest flashlight you’ve ever seen. If you’re gifting this as a present, do yourself a favor and grab one for yourself too! It’s super bright and can even telescope to help you shine a light in hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the magnet allows you to use it hands-free. 

For the Small Business Owner

Small businesses have been fighting hard the past two years! Treat the small biz boss in your life to something that they may have overlooked themselves. These gifts are self-care and relaxation focused so your busy friend can have a reason to chill out for a bit.

Big gift: Super Plush Robe

Nothing radiates boss energy like a Tony Soprano-esque robe. The thick, oversized, plushy fabric comes in an assortment of colors and will help your business owner friend feel pampered and cared for.

Stocking stuffer: Pampering gift set

Treat that bad*ss boss in your life with this lovely kit that includes lavender lip balm, a candle, body oil, and other relaxing essentials. 

For Your Techie Friend

Big gift: Rize Tech Tello Mini Drone

This starter drone comes with a 5mp camera and can fly for 13 minutes on one charge. It’s the perfect gift for someone who’s just venturing out into the world of drones, and sure to provide lots of entertainment! 

Stocking stuffer: Wall Mounted Phone Charging Station

This sleek little shelf creates a classy charging and organization station for your wall! A great gift for anyone who stays on top of tech trends and keeps their space looking classy.

We hope this gift guide helps you find something meaningful for all those hard-to-buy-for folks in your life! Got more suggestions for the categories listed here? Tweet them out to @FluidTruck!

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