Amazon's Prime services have revolutionized e-commerce, significantly influencing consumer expectations for fast and reliable shipping.

It’s always a bit of a surprise when Prime Day will take place –– In 2023, it was July 12th - 13th, and it was the same in 2022, but prior to that, the exact dates varied a little. Most likely, it will fall on the beginning of the second or third week of July.

The promise of receiving packages within two days has become the new norm, largely driven by Amazon's efficient delivery network. In 2023 alone, a staggering 375 million items were delivered on Prime Day – it’s practically Christmas in July!

As the delivery service partner (DSP), it can be overwhelming and daunting to see the mountain of packages quickly approaching. Hang in there DSPs, Fluid Truck is here to smooth out all your Prime Day nightmares, and make this year your best Prime Day yet! 

Amazon Prime Day 2024 returns this July
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Scaling your fleet with flexible vehicle rentals

Effective fleet management is crucial for DSPs to navigate the increased demand during Prime Day. To ensure a successful operation, it's essential to assess your vehicle requirements well in advance. Consider factors such as the expected package volume, delivery routes, and potential last-minute changes in demand.

This is where Fluid Truck comes in. With our flexible vehicle rental options, DSPs can quickly scale up their fleet to meet the needs of Prime Day. Whether you require additional cargo vans, box trucks, or even smaller vehicles for last-mile deliveries, Fluid Truck offers a diverse range of well-maintained and reliable vehicles.

Fluid Truck takes care of vehicle maintenance and ensures that all vehicles are in top condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns or delays during this critical period. By leveraging our reliable fleet, DSPs can focus on what matters most — delivering packages efficiently and meeting customer expectations.

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Driver scheduling

Why get into the weeds with driver scheduling when you can leverage Fluid Truck’s for business technology? Our platform allows you to easily assign drivers to vehicles, plan and optimize routes, and access our fleet 24/7 for optimal scheduling.

With Prime Day approaching, accurately forecasting your driver needs based on expected package volume is crucial. Fluid Truck's user-friendly interface simplifies the process of assigning drivers to vehicles, ensuring adequate coverage throughout the event.

A collage of a bunch of smartphones displaying different screens on the Fluid Truck app, including vehicle listings, maps, and team lists.

Optimizing routes and leveraging real-time tracking

Effective logistics planning is key to navigating the challenges of Prime Day. With Fluid Truck's advanced tools and resources, DSPs can streamline their operations and ensure a smooth delivery process from start to finish.

One of the most critical aspects of logistics planning is optimizing routes for faster deliveries. Fluid Truck's sophisticated routing software takes into account factors such as traffic patterns, road closures, and delivery locations to create the most efficient routes possible. By minimizing travel time and maximizing productivity, DSPs can ensure that packages reach their destinations quickly and reliably.

Even with the best planning, unexpected roadblocks and delays can occur. Fluid Truck's flexible rental options allow DSPs to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, whether that means renting additional vehicles to handle a surge in volume or adjusting routes on the fly to avoid traffic congestion.

A delivery driver looking at his phone and standing next to a Fluid Truck cargo van

Leverage Fluid Truck’s reliability to meet customer expectations

Prime Day can be a whirlwind for DSPs – from the influx of packages, keeping trucks running in the peak summer heat, and meeting consumer demand. In a time of unpredictability, leverage Fluid Truck’s reliable and affordable rental services to keep your vehicles on the road, your drivers focused, and your customers satisfied. 

Prime Day is coming up fast, so reserve your vehicle today!

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