Since its beginning, Fluid Truck has been disrupting the traditional conventions of the commercial vehicle industry, and we’re always on the lookout for other companies and organizations with the same visionary and out-of-the-box mindset to partner with.

Wild Social Micro Weddings

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with another industry-defying small business addressing a gap in one of the biggest industry resurgences of this year—weddings! Similar to Fluid Truck, Wild Social Micro Weddings was born from the brainstorming efforts of innovators who saw a need for something new and different in their respective Colorado markets.

Cassie and Mallory, the co-founders of Wild Social, realized more couples were voicing a desire for a nuptial experience that was more robust and inclusive than an elopement, but more affordable, intimate, and stress-free than a traditional wedding.

Based in Denver, CO but covering events across four states, their mobile “micro” wedding package offers clients an all-inclusive boutique wedding experience, including full-service planning, design, styling, and event decor set-up from start to finish. Wild Social curates and brings the custom wedding event of your dreams to you and your location of choice—however, with that comes all the decor, tables, chairs, signage, and other tangible assets that bring a wedding space to life. And that’s where Fluid Truck comes in.

Fluid Truck Ventures to Conifer, CO

In early June, Wild Social had the opportunity to utilize our Fluid Truck vehicles at their latest micro-wedding event in Conifer, CO. Picking up a Fluid Truck van in Denver, Cassie and Mallory loaded up the Sprinter van with all their event necessities before heading to the Conifer venue.

“The van carried all of our rental pieces that we have for our weddings,” Cassie shares. “That includes farmhouse tables, chairs for up to 50 guests, the ceremony archway, the dessert and DJ table. We also provide a lounge area with loveseats, accent chairs, rugs, and all the additional styling elements for the wedding space.”

On their way to the event, it quickly became clear the differences between the Fluid experience and previous rental options. “It was the first time we ever used a Sprinter van, and we loved it!” Cassie says. “Before we were only renting box trucks that were big and clunky. Now the Sprinter van is our favorite mode of transportation for our business—it had everything we needed and was much easier to maneuver around. The back-up camera was very helpful because we need to be able to go into some crazy spaces sometimes.”

Since Wild Social brings the event set-up directly to their clients, this particular wedding celebration was hosted outside a VRBO rental with sweeping scenic views of the mountains. However, there was an issue of  limited parking access. Always needing to be adaptable to various venue situations that arise, Cassie and Mallory were thrilled with how their Fluid Truck Sprinter van handled the unpredictable terrain.

“Also, it just looks cuter!” Cassie adds. “The Fluid Truck vans are a much sleeker look for us than other rental vehicles, which is very important for our line of work.”

Building a business with Fluid Truck

Following the success of yet another Wild Social micro-wedding in beautiful Colorado, these two entrepreneurs are excited to look ahead and see what more is to come for their budding business. While the ultimate transportation goal is to save up for a Wild Social vehicle of their own, they are not sure exactly when that will happen. Inflation and vehicle supply issues are severe barriers to vehicle ownership. In the meantime, using Fluid Truck meets all their needs, even with expansion of their company in mind.

“I plan to use Fluid Truck for my other company as well, a mobile bartending business that we also use a lot at our micro weddings. I’ll send different team members out to events, and through Fluid I can have an account for my business that I put employees under to streamline the whole process. No internal reimbursement hassles.” Cassie explains.

Less hassle for all seems to certainly be a goal businesses of all sizes and industries can rally behind.

Fluid Truck as a valuable vehicle partner

Fluid Truck’s flexible and streamlined vehicle rental process provides yet another avenue for other businesses and organizations looking to grow or expand their operations. Timely and reliable transportation is often the behind-the-scenes backbone to the daily running of many companies, big or small, well-established or new to the scene.

Wild Social Micro Weddings’ offerings and success are entirely based on being able to transport an entire event experience across a wide range of distances. With a small but growing team, Wild Social shares the same desire as Fluid Truck to continue to disrupt and break the conventions of their respective industries, all while partnering and collaborating with other small businesses along the way. While wedding and trucking industries may seemingly operate in vastly different arenas, providing a hassle-free, streamlined service for customers is paramount to both.

“We offer a completely stress-free experience,” Cassie says. “At the end of these wedding celebrations the couples are always like, ‘we didn’t even have to do anything,’ and we’re like, yeah, that’s the whole point!”

We’re thrilled that Fluid Truck can now play a role in supporting Wild Social Micro Weddings by providing stress-free, mobile experiences to their clients as they continue to grow and expand. Currently providing their services to all of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico, you can learn more about Wild Social Micro Weddings and their package offerings at

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