‘Tis the season to forecast trends for 2023! 
We asked Fluid Truck executives what they think 2023 has in store for mobility, retail delivery, and tech. Here’s what they had to say. 

Stephen Joos – VP of Corporate Development

His predictions: 

  • Gig delivery transitions to longer shifts with more stops, providing higher earnings for drivers and lower cost per delivery to retailers.
  • More retailers adopt zero emission delivery to meet sustainability goals and elevate the consumer experience.
  • We'll see the launch of the “truck stop of the future” using next-generation technologies like microgrids to power medium and heavy-duty commercial electric vehicles.
  • Fleet safety incidents and accidents decline thanks to  increased data from the vehicle including AI/ML, ADAS, cameras, and driver scoring.
  • Increased adoption of autonomous vehicles through rideshare use case and mid/last mile logistics.

Bottom line: In 2023, it’s likely that the gig economy and transportation industry will be transformed by the adoption of longer shifts, zero-emission delivery, advanced truck stops, increased use of AI and driver assistance technology, and the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles. All of these factors could mean cost savings and increase in efficiency across the board. 

Cate VonderHaar– VP of National Sales

Her predictions: Lowe's and Target are both going to expand last-mile delivery distribution centers (both started this last year and intend to expand) instead of delivering from stores. 

Bottom line: It doesn’t seem that quick home delivery will be slowing down soon. If retailers are moving towards centralized distribution centers, we could see more decline of in-store shopping. 

If big-box retailers continue to follow this trend, perhaps we’ll see fewer Target runs and more online-shopping hauls. Time will tell how consumers will react to this shift.

JK Slyby – CTO 

His predictions: Even though there’s talk of a recession, I think it’ll be the year of the startups in 2023 and 2024. Big companies have hoarded tech talent for so long, and as we start to see instability in those bigger companies, small companies can scoop up that talent. For the innovative people, for the people who are motivated and determined, this is their season.

Bottom Line: This is when new ideas will be created. It won’t be an easy year, but the scrappy folks will build greatness.

What do you think 2023 has in store? Tell us on LinkedIn! 

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