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At Fluid Truck, our product is people. We bring in smart, talented people with a lot of ambition and give them the opportunity to grow and expand their skill sets rapidly. Our end goal is to equip every person who joins our team with the skills they need to one day grow beyond us and create incredible things on their own. 

Today, we're excited to introduce you to one of the remarkable individuals making a significant impact within our ranks, Jen T.

Dive into the story of our Title and Registration Manager, a vital cog in the Fluid Truck machine, whose passion for efficiency, team spirit, and a bit of old-school gaming magic contributes to our collective success. Join us as we explore the journey, motivations, and personal passions that make our team members truly one-of-a-kind.

Keep reading to learn more about the fabulous Jen! Interview has been edited for clarity.

What is your position at Fluid Truck and what do you do here?
I’m the Title and Registration Manager here at Fluid. We title and register every vehicle that comes through the Fluid Truck platform. It's one big process and a lot goes into it!

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

Favorite part of my job is the daily interaction with my team and fellow truckers! The culture at Fluid Truck is special and to me it’s become a second family. I work with people that are accepted and embraced for exactly who they are and I think that is a beautiful thing. At the end of the day, there are a lot of incredible people making this company what it is and we have a good time doing it!

When you aren’t working, what are you usually doing? 

Camping, concerts, I like to travel. The Grateful Dead has always been a huge part of my life. I've been going to Red Rocks since I was a kid, I'm a Colorado native so I try to catch all the shows that I can.

Do you have any secret talents?

Old school Mario Bros on Nintendo

Tell us about your pets

Kubota ––  like the tractor. We rescued him and he's an angel. He comes to work every day.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Be resilient. I don't think you have to have a clear path, necessarily, in what you want your career to look like, but if you're passionate about what you're doing, you'll be guided. And hold on to gratitude, because I think it gets you far.

If you could have a Fluid Truck full of one thing, what would it be?

Mega camping gear. Decked out and ready to camp!

What motivates you at work? 

My team motivates me. It's a critical part of this business, and I have a huge sense of responsibility.

If you had a TED Talk, what would it be about?

Practicing gratitude & manifestation 


What’s your favorite quote?
Such is the strangeness of the human heart. I still cannot understand how he could abandon me so unceremoniously, without any sort of goodbye, without looking back even once.

 ― Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Lifetime movies… The really bad ones

I’ve recently been convinced I’m going to win the CO lottery, so I’ve been pretty steady at playing that every week. 

What would you tell someone who wants to come work at Fluid Truck?

Tons of reasons, mostly it’s rewarding to be a part of something great.

I think there's a lot of innovators here. Creativity keeps us on top. And I find this culture to be incredibly accepting. I feel like I can be who I am here very comfortably, and I see that in other people too. I think everybody is very authentically living their lives here. And I don't think you get that everywhere - I'm sure of that actually. I am grateful for that absolutely.

There's also incredible snacks, and I can bring Kubota to work!

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