The Fluid Truck Safe Driver Cup was created to encourage safe driving, which in turn helps businesses lower insurance and maintenance costs. The program uses Fluid Truck’s proprietary telematics technology to measure hard corners, fast acceleration, and hard braking. Hundreds of drivers on Fluid Truck compete in the Safe Driver Cup every month, and the winners are rewarded with cash prizes! 

We decided to put the program to the test by holding a little race: who can pick up and deliver a package the quickest and the safest?

Our competitors were Luis, aka Fluid Ninja, aka one of our most seasoned drivers and lieutenants; versus Nick, one of our product developers who’s spent hundreds of hours working on the app itself. Luis has spent many many hours driving and competing in the Safe Driver Cup, and Nick has spent just as many hours within the app - he knows it in and out. So, who do you think will win? Watch the video below to find out!

Are you a driver on Fluid Truck who wants to sign up for the Safe Driver Cup? Click here to learn how!

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