At Fluid Truck, we are liberating small businesses from the restrictions of vehicle ownership and traditional rental shops. We help them slash their overhead costs and reach their full potential. No two days are ever the same here; the diverse small businesses we serve keep us busy and inspired.

This is why we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible small businesses who use Fluid Truck. Keep reading to learn the story of one of our fantastic small business customers. 

For Seneca Hampton, business inspiration came in the form of a little bear nightlight. 

“My three-year-old son wanted us to order it; this little bear that lit up and changed colors from red to blue,” he says. “When that package arrived on our porch, he started skipping and jumping and clapping, all from the joy of this little $6.99 thing. And I thought, ‘This person has no idea how much happiness they just delivered.’ There was something about that moment that was life-changing.”

One of Seneca’s friends had a delivery contract and persuaded him to give it a shot—and with that nightlight moment in mind, he dove right in. Seneca founded East West Logistix, a delivery service provider, in September of 2021. Within two months, he had ramped up to 50 employees. In Q4 alone they handled 250,000 packages and drove 120,000 miles within their Reno, Nevada territory.  Christmas gifts, formula and diapers, necessary medication, little luxuries—all these have passed through their hands to grateful recipients.

“That’s a lot of lives touched,” Seneca says. “And that’s how we see this business.”

Despite the company only being a few months old, the team has already taken it to next-level service and performance, earning a best-in-station award within their first two months in business. They work under the motto RRISE: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, Enthusiasm. 

“We believe that every door we touch is a life we change,” Seneca says. 

But for EastWest Logistix, part of the challenge in creating excellence is the constant uncertainty: supply chain issues, weather, staffing needs, route cancellations and fleet availability require Seneca and his team to be extremely nimble—and that’s where partnering with Fluid Truck comes in. 

“Fluid Truck honestly helps to keep us on the road,” he says. “We have a commitment to the customer [...] of course; and if you don’t have the proper vehicle, it’s not happening.” Although EastWest Logistix maintains a core fleet, Fluid Truck allows them to secure vehicles as needed, and get the exact vehicle for the job at hand. In particular, they rely a lot on the regular 9-foot cargo van..

Ease of use is another critical part of the equation. 

“It’s great to be able to need a van, grab it the next day, scan it into your app and it’s ready to go,” Seneca explains. “No waiting for emails or signing paperwork, all from our phone, simple and quick. It gives us the ability to scale up and down pretty effortlessly,” he says. That includes during busy holidays when orders and deliveries skyrocket. 

But even in the hurry, hurry world of delivery, Seneca makes sure his team never forgets that they are at the center of the people whose lives they touch. He remembers one driver radioing in to say he’d be a bit delayed on his route. The driver was making a delivery with specific instructions so that the disabled recipient would be able to receive and manage her package. She was so happy that at last a delivery service had followed her instructions that she had to let the driver know, and she shared with him how challenging it was for her to get the things she needed to her home. Sensing she was lonely, the driver stayed to chat for a few extra minutes before heading on to his next delivery.

“Sometimes, we are the highlight of someone’s day,” Seneca says. 

And as satisfying as that final-destination delivery experience is, he has plans to expand EastWest Logistix’s operation from last-mile to middle mile, such as helping deliveries from warehouse to sorting center. 

“It’s getting into the part of delivery that helps move the world,” he explains. “What if I can help the entire world move? That’s a romantic vision for me. If nobody does it, the person at the end doesn’t get what they need. I’m pushing this stuff through to help it reach the end customer. We already have the systems, infrastructure and processes, so why not instead of a van, get a box truck, get a semi, and look at us, we are literally moving the world.”

His advice for other small business owners? Treat business like a long-term relationship that you’re in. “You’re always going to have challenges… when the feeling goes away, it’s not over, it’s a commitment. You choose what must get done to fulfill whatever your relationship’s mission is. If you treat it like a commitment, you problem solve. You don’t give up. You figure it out, for yourself, your team, your customers.” 

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