The electric vehicle world was buzzing with activity this month! 

Buckle up as we dive into the latest electrifying updates – from company shakeups and charging milestones to hot new EV releases and international adoption.

Tesla slashes jobs in supercharger division amid cost cuts

Image of Tesla branded EV charger.
Image via Pexels | Pixabay

Tesla unexpectedly laid off hundreds of employees from its highly successful Supercharger network team, responsible for its fast and reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

While CEO Elon Musk cited cost-cutting reasons, analysts speculate it could be a strategic shift towards autonomous vehicles or even retaliation against resistant executives. This decision raises concerns about the future expansion of Tesla's charging network, which other automakers were relying on after agreeing to adopt Tesla's charging technology and plugs in exchange for access.

Amazon surpasses rivals with largest private EV charging network

Photo of an Amazon electric delivery van.
Image via Amazon 

The e-commerce giant has rapidly become the largest private operator of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the United States, installing over 17,000 chargers across 120 warehouses. 

However, Amazon's unprecedented push to electrify its last-mile delivery fleet has been restricted by lengthy delays in getting the required approvals and increased power supply from utilities and local governments.

Amazon's struggles highlight the significant regulatory and utility hurdles facing freight companies looking to rapidly electrify their fleets beyond just acquiring the electric vehicles themselves. As the largest effort currently underway, Amazon's experience serves as a cautionary tale for an industry pushing towards widespread electrification.

Electrify America unveils ambitious 2024 goals for EV charging expansion

Photo of an electric vehicle plugged into a charger.
Image via Pexels | Mike Birdy

Electrify America is accelerating its leadership in the U.S. public charging market with an aggressive 2024 plan. Coming off a year of doubling charging sessions and expanding its network, the VW-backed company aims to grow to 5,000 DC fast chargers by year's end. 

But it's not just about numbers – Electrify America is elevating the charging experience with amenity-filled stations featuring lounges, restrooms and seamless Plug&Charge capabilities. The company has also secured federal infrastructure funding to further build out highway corridor charging.

GreenPower debuts new all-electric utility truck 

Photo of GreenPowers EV Star Utility Truck
Image via GreenPower

EV enthusiasts are buzzing over GreenPower's innovative new EV Star Utility Truck. This zero-emission hauler represents a major breakthrough with its ability to be purpose-built for a wide range of uses – from construction and plumbing to agriculture and municipal services.

With an impressive 150-mile range, hefty payload capacity up to 6,000 lbs, and innovative features like power outlets and pass-through storage, the customizable EV Star promises to be a game-changer for sustainable fleet electrification. 

Kenya's capital to receive 200 additional electric buses for public transit

Photo of an electric passenger bus driving on Kenya street
Image via Roam

Kenya is taking the lead in shifting to electric buses in Africa. With over 1,200 new buses sold each year, adding just a few hundred electric models could quickly increase their market share. One Nairobi company plans to do exactly that by rolling out several hundred e-buses per year. On top of that, a major deal between Roam and a large public transit operator will put 200 Kenyan-made electric buses on the roads by 2026, with 10 hitting the streets this year. Using affordable costs and innovative financing, this rollout shows how Africa could jump straight into sustainable electric transportation, skipping over gasoline and diesel vehicles entirely.

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From layoffs at Tesla's supercharger division to major charging network build-outs by rivals like Amazon and Electrify America, the electric vehicle landscape saw meaningful shifts this month. Be sure to follow us on socials @FluidTruck to stay on the pulse of EV News, and check out our April EV Rewind!

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